Nu-Ear Rhapsody 1200 OTE?

Anyone have any experience with the Nu-Ear line of hearing aids?

I am trying the Rhapsody 1200 OTE (over-the-ear) instrument. Open fit will work for my particular type of hearing loss, (high audio frequencies mainly)

I’m wondering what other brand would compare with this one?
And also what would be considered a fair price for this Nu-Ear unit?

I can’t comment on your main question except to say that I’m wearing GN Resound Pulse open fit aids and enjoy them immensely. I opted for them since I was eligible for my insurance to pay the bulk of the cost, and I have a competent local audiologist.

The Pulses replaced a pair of America Hears FreedomAD half shells, and yes, I see professionals. I take issue with your parenthetical comment. America Hears offers a great product at a great price. And I like the ability to call them up, tell them what I’m experiencing with the aids, and be able to later that day download an adjustment from competent, licensed professionals.

That beats the HE- double two sticks out of calling my audie’s office, getting an appointment 3 weeks later, going in, waiting 15-30 minutes, telling her the same thing, having her do a two minute adjustment, then leaving and driving home. I’d already committed to the Pulse’s when I discovered that AH was offering an open fit product that fit my loss.

Even my audie was amazed when I showed her what I was wearing instead of the Widex Senso Divas she fitted me with 5 years ago. She commented when I demo’ed the Pulse’s that she couldn’t match the price or service level of AH.

GN has always been somewhat the underdog in the HA industry,
it is a cool looking aid. Period… I would encourage you to try the Azure,
I had taken the trouble to see their presentation, I like the fact that it had extensive test trials. I believe it is even bluetooth compatible (i believe the Bte only)

You might also consider, Audeo (phonak), Brite (bernafon), Delta (oticon) I like this one to…

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Again, I’m glad to hear good things about A.H.
I took out the comment. It does not fit into this thread.
See this thread:

But all this has NOTHING to do with my original question.
Nu-Ear Rhapsody 1200 OTE?

Where are all the audi’s when you want to hear from them?

I am asking about the hearing aids in the title, not other brands, unless they are pretty much the same.:rolleyes:

They are, I believe, the same as the Starkey Destiny 1200, so you may want to do a search with those terms.

I don’t deal with Starkey anymore, so I can’t give you any comments, other than the fact that I believe there are many better choices out there.

Agree 100%

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im checking the list of features from their website
i dont see anything outstanding, dataloging, noise managment, feedback cancellation, etc. Unless you are getting a very very good deal, i would definetely check the UNA, Pixel or the Go pro for similar performance


I checked with “Hearing Planet” after my posting. They show those are comparable. May I ask why you don’t deal with Starkey? Do you believe they have inferior products? If personal reasons, business related, I don’t need to know.



Could you please post the website. I have not actually found technical specs on a lot of these things…

Seems to me that they just put their pretty glossy marketing info into a PDF and there you go. But then I suppose a lot of people wouldn’t know a decibel from a dumb bell anyway.

And I believe I am getting a good deal compared to the prices of some other brands. I do understand that Nu-ear is a franchise. I don’t know if that makes it a bad thing…

The things you mention, maybe not outstanding, but it does do all those things. So please help me understand (your statement) if you have found some actual technical specs.

No one mentioned warrenties. That seems to be a weak point. They only warrenty their instrument for one year. But to save $1200 to $2600 compared to quotes from another audi, I think I can live with it. The warrenty can be extended at the end of the year. The price is not too bad.



It is Ok, While I believe starkey have is a great marketing company. I would like them to post on their web all their technical data, just like Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Siemens, etc. - I honestly believe there are considerable better products out there (at least in the high end segment).
While it is a large company it is still behind siemens, GN, Phonak, Oticon and widex… Much of it is unknow as it is private company…

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26% of all the hearing aids sold in America last year were Starkey Technology. They dominate the custom fit high end category of the market with their NFusion nanoscience aids. At the AAA Audiology convention this year, the new receiver in canal device won rave reviews. As far as I know, Starkey is the only company that rates its new aids at 7-10 years of use, versus the standard 3-5.

I don’t understand why you say this about Starkey. I joined Audibel in the early 2000s and was shocked at how crappy their marketing was. The brochures were VERY dated, celebrity endorsements were B list hasbeens, their web site was laughable, just as the Nu Ear version still is.

I’ve only really seen any kind of decent marketing stuff in the past two years. And frankly, all they have done is catch up to what the other companies are offering (marketing wise).

As for a lack of technical information try these links:

I’m not sure what else you would need to know.

Their claims about the prowess of the Zōn for example are pretty compelling and backed up with a lot of evidence. They claim it to be best in class, and then go on to prove why.

Ever since I’ve been posting here you appear to be down on Starkey, without providing the real reason why that is.

The Starkey Zōn, for example actually has a lifetime circuit warranty. And you can buy an extended warranty on all Starkey products, either up front or when the standard warranty expires.

A ‘worry free’ warranty from Starkey also includes protection against loss damage or theft.

Many of the high end Starkey products include two year warranty as standard.

This is identical to the Starkey Destiny 1200 OTE.

I’d say this product has been easily surpassed by the Zōn 7, which also happens to be waterproof and best in class.

If you buy from Nu Ear, the aid will only be adjustable by Nu Ear. However, if you get the Starkey equivalent, it will be adjustable by all Starkey dealers, but also all Audibel and Nu Ear dealers.

I also have high freq. loss and started waring the Gn ReSound X-plore and so far they have worked great. These are my first HA so I have nothing to compare with but these are the ones that replace the Pixel.

ZCT have you fitted any ZON’s yet and if yes what has been you experience with them. I am now trying the X-plopre and have the opportunity to try the ZON if I don’t like these.