Nu-ear Overature

Does anybody have any information on Nu-ear’s Overature hearing aids

ZCT may have more info for you, as he deals with Starkey a lot.

Nu-Ear is a subsidiary of Starkey and based in the San Diego area, yet use the same instrumentation as Starkey.

I used to also dispense Nu-Ear products, but have not used them for a few years.

If you find out what the equivalent product is in the Starkey line, such as Destiny 1200, etc, then our users may have more info for you, as not too many users have Nu-Ear hearing aids.

Off the top of my head I don’t know, and the product is not mentioned on their web site. But at my office I have a list of what different divisions of Starkey call their products. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

Okay, I looked it up for you. The Overture is also called the Audi D or Inteli D. It is a very basic analogue aid with a Class D circuit. A Class D circuit was the almost digital amplifier that was used to replace the old Class A circuits that were popular a decade ago. As cheap analog aids go this is an outstanding hearing aid. It gives a clear crisp sound with a good dynamic range and low distortion. Just don’t expect feedback suppression, back ground noise suppression, or anything fancy like on the premium digital aids.

You should ask your Nu-Ear hearing professional about the Access Elite or better yet the Rhapsody range (AKA Destiny).