Nu-ear 1, in canal - does anyone have info?

Nu-ear 1, in canal - does anyone have info on this unit?

Good, bad, etc?

Does it have the ability to “change frequencies”.

My mother in-law has almost zero hearing in the high range. I am worried that she has been given a less than wonderful hearing aid - or at least maybe her audi is not the best. Over-all, I am just trying to find out the best for her.

I am an engineer, and in my opinion, she needs to shift the unheard frequencies into a usable range. But, then again, I am not the expert.

She deserves to hear much better than she does.



U r talking about frequency transpostion…
Frequency transposition has not been a comercial success. I believe
there are 2 companies doing this tipe of aid Widex and some other
company. Widex has lost a lot of momentum partially because they have not
introduce sufficient number of new products. For example the senso and the Divas are intruments that were relase @ least 5 yrs ago…
I would stick with the Big or front runners Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, GN , Widex

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Xbulder is correct, you are talking about frequency transposition or compression (depending on the algorithm used). Although this method of processing has not been a big commercial success, there certainly is a place for it and it sounds like your mother is a good candidate. I, as well as some of my colleagues, have had success in practice and in research with frequency compression technology. To my knowledge, the only commercial products with this feature are the AVR Sonnovation and the Widex Inteo.

Hope that helps.

There is not enough information in “Nu Ear canal hearing aid” to tell what is in it. Contact the dispenser to see what is in the instrument and why your mother is still having so much trouble.


one of the problems with freq… transposition is that to make the transposition you need to determine which areas are damage… While after certain threshold certain areas are suspected to be damage. the only real way to test it is using Ten test, which seldom people do… So while the idea is great and it has show
some people do improve… My friends who dispense Widex said that only a small fraction of their clients use the AE (audibility extender)…
So again, perhaps there is a clear need to develop a better protocol … perhaps… just a thought