NRA Benefit?

Recently I received an email from the NRA indicating they have a hearing aid benefit that includes discounts up to 60%. The website indicates that Starkey supports the benefit. I did a search using “NRA” and found nothing. Does anyone have any direct experience with this promotion? My inclination is that it is likely just hype.

It’s just hype.

I did a quick search and found Perhaps that will help you. Thait “about” page says they are a wholely owned subsidiary of The Starkey Group.

I know nothing specifically about the NRA benefit, but there are many groups like this that hype deals like this for their members, and usually, it’s not much of a deal at all. The “% off” is based on list or fake prices which most people don’t have to pay without the deal. I’ve seen it for many other consumer products such as eyeglasses, car rentals, hotel rooms at certain chains, etc. If you do get a price break, expect it to be closer to 5% over what you could have gotten elsewhere than 60%, and the member price may even be higher than you can find elsewhere–a bad deal. So by all means, if you’re interested, explore it, but shop the deal around elsewhere without the member benefit code as well. These promotions are usually a come-on to get price-sensitive shoppers locked into a particular brand that may not be in their best interest. Starkey aids may not be best for you over a comparably or better priced aid that was not part of the deal, or there may be restrictions on who fills the order and fits the aids that wouldn’t be your first choice.

I know for a fact there is a benefit program for the NRA, and I’m pretty sure the largest hearing aid company in America, Starkey, has a hand in it.

The catch is that most places you buy a hearing aid offer 20-50% off so called manufacturers prices, so 60% may sound good, but is not likely to be ridiculously cheaper than a bargain hunter might find without any benefit.

However, if memory serves, last time I saw some prices on the NRA deal, they were in fact very reasonable, and a genuine savings over normal pricing.

Here’s how it works:

The NRA benefit, because they can offer products like electronic shooting filters and custom ear plugs to their members, along with a claim of a member benefit; cheap hearing aids.

The hearing aid company benefit, because they get free promotion from the NRA.

And NRA members enjoy a discounted product.

It is in fact a win win for everyone, and frequent shooters are often likely to have a hearing loss as a result of noise exposure.

If you contact the NRA, I suspect they will point you in the right direction. So long as you don’t expect an insanely unrealistic deal, I think you’ll be pleased.