Notice to Signia Nx Wearers

We finally added Signia Nx aids on Hearing Tracker this week, and we’d like to get some written feedback for those products. For the next 10 reviewers who review the Pure 13 Nx or the Pure 312 Nx, we will provide an additional $5 voucher for use in our hearing aid battery shop. Just send me a PM after you’ve completed your review, and I’ll send over the additional discount code. The first $5 discount code should be automatically available after you complete your review. Thanks!

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Can you tell me how the Motion series compares to the Pure series? I am using Signia Motion 13 Nx hearing aids. How are they different from the Pure 13 Nx?

Motions are BTE (behind the ear) and Pures are RIC (Receiver in Canal) BTEs are larger and have the speaker in the hearing aid with a hollow tube going to the ear. RICs have the “speaker” in the ear connected to the hearing aid by a wire.

I’ve used Nx 7’s for around a month, and have a great deal to say about them. Unfortunately, this forum’s management doesn’t want to hear from me. Kind of sad; the management only approves of posters with a certain attitude, regardless of whether other users are helped. As the President would say, “Sad!”

Please elaborate. I don’t recall any interaction with you.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying that for me. Do you not need reviews of the Motion version, then, Hearing Tracker?

I need to add that model. On the Todo.