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I have sent posts over the last day or so and no one has responded. This gets frustrating because I was under the impression that this is a forum that helps people figure things out regarding their hearing aids. Please let me know if no one simply wants to respond and I can find another forum much more helpful.


You might need to have a bit more patience. I can see you have made 2 recent posts with no responses, but both are fairly new. Sorry, this isn’t the most busy time for our forum. Many people are enjoying family time, etc. Tis the season!


You have posted in the past and people have always responded. Threatening to go elsewhere is a bit childish. It’s the holidays and it may take a while for someone to respond.



Thank you. I was probably just anxious to try and solve these hearing aid problems once and for all. I need patience.


You should take it easy. It’s no one’s duty to provide you with advice, let alone free and within 24 hours or so, it’s just people’s good will. If not happy, you can simply sign out, no one will miss you with such attitude.
If you need immediate answer, why not visiting audiologist?


I gotta say I’m with MilosDj here. I read your complaint and thought well boohoo. I participate in several forums of different interests. Sometimes I get crickets. Sometimes I get responses. Sometimes a post gets in between other higher traffic topics and gets lost in the racket and shuffles its way down the list. Sometimes no one actually knows the answer. Do you really expect a crowd of people to pipe up and post “I don’t know”? Keep searching in the meantime. Post again. Bump your original post. Whatever. But no one is obliged/required to answer anything by anyone in any particular time frame…least of all a busy season where people might have better things to do.


Football has a penalty. It is called Piling On.

Probably could have been worded better but that is an overall forum problem across the net.

At the start of having a sudden loss, who doesn’t panic a bit? I know I sure did.


He had one recent post where he had changed to another brand. I didn’t interpret that as anything sudden happening. Just some issues. And then he had his little whine about not getting those questions answered in his own definition of timely.
As for the overall forum problem…this isn’t the only one I’m on and I’ve been on them for a number of years. So… sure.

So… like… do I need to spend two minutes in a penalty box or something? Shall I henceforth track down everything you post and call a penalty every time you pile on? And who made you the ref anyway? Come on. I have a lot of respect for you for your participation here. This doesn’t help.


I’m just glad for this and other HA forums to be available. If no one answers I go one. Don’t consider this or any forum a popularity contest :wink:


This is the best hearing aid forum on the internet. There really isn’t anywhere else to go…hehe. People just need to be patient and it’s important to clearly state your questions (vs. burying them in a long and rambling post). The other thing to bear in mind is that questions about older models may not get answered because many members have no experience with these hearing aids.



Geez I hate when that happens because I have to get all angry and stuff:)




I have had that happen recently using Firefox. Need to restart.




Easy for you to say. :slight_smile:

Came with the last update.


Nothing wrong with my Browser.

It’s just six tabs all pointing to this Topic, titled “Not responding”.

Well I thought it was funny ٩(^‿^)۶


Well alrighty then. My Firefox is setup simply to show a counter of however many new topics have been added since I last refreshed if I leave the page open on a tab. Apparently yours is setup to open a new tab for each updated thread or maybe even updated posts while in a thread.
So no wonder YOU thought it was funny and no one else got what the heck you were on about :slight_smile:


Don’t know much about widex, but Your audiologist should be able to tweak the equalization to make these a bit more in tune with your needs.
Personally I own the ReSound LiNX² and these are adjustable,via a smart phone app. Bass and treble are a adjustment I can make myself right from the phone.


Just adding my own 2-cents’ worth! Yes, the holi-daze are winding down, and even tho folks have their daily troubles with hearing aids, sometimes there is simply NO ONE around to answer! I did a quick search to see that the issue was how to adjust base and treble on a pair of Widex aids. Hope you got the reply you need here, as I would have no suggestion other than to return to your audiologist and have that person tweak the frequency channels in the software that runs your aids.

Just an FYI: I do NOT tend to read model-specific posts unless it is Oticon or Phonak. Granted I could learn more about other brands, but never having used anything but these two primarily, I’d be completely clueless about how to answer a model-specific question as in: “How do I adjust the base & treble in my Widex ABC-model aids?”

So don’t feel bad if you don’t hear from everyone on the board here. Believe me, there IS no other comparable board on the internet to help folks like us with hearing issues. You can lookie lookie lookie, but you’ll never find a cookie with a better butter batter than HearingTracker! :slight_smile: