Not quite a natural tone thru hearing aid

After a few weeks I am getting used to my Phonak HA .
However I do notice something about single tones like my microwave oven .
Without my HA , I hear a single tone. With HA on what I hear is a tone with slight amplitude modulation very much like a beat sound ie when the tone freq between the right HRAand left HA is slightly different.

Any idea why this is happening ? Timing or phase difference between L&R HA ? Can it be fixed?

What is HR?

The microwave is probably creating a tone at aor near frequency of one of the frequency amplification levels of your aids. I get that when my cell phone rings.

Sorry Typo should be HA .I just corrected original post


Usually programs devoted to speech have short “attack” and “relaxation” constants for turning on and off of compression (the relative degree of amplification of soft, moderate, and loud sounds). When short attack and relaxation constants are applied to musical tones, you can get a trilling or vibrato effect. That’s why most hearing aids have a Music program designed for listening to music. Music programs have much slower attack and relaxation constants and that largely eliminates any trilling effect. You might try listening to your microwave tone with your HA’s set to the Music program on your smartphone app and see if it eliminates the trilling. If you search the forum you can find other folks who find that their guitar chords don’t sound right with an ordinary listening program, etc. I like to listen to rock 'n roll radio stations when I drive and it’s interesting to listen to a song in my normal All-Around program vs. the Music program. Sometimes I actually like a song with the vibrato effect!


Phonak Frequency slightly shifts all of the response; principally to reduce feedback by avoiding peak on peak signal addition. All modern aids also have a slight processing delay. In addition phase cancellation within the feedback management is set to minimise the reproduction of beeps and whistles.

The reason why you can hear two signals is because you hear the original signal through the venting, then you hear the ‘processed’ version in combination with the original signal and finally you hear just processed part without the source signal.

Timers with beeping signals are especially audible like this; as they’re designed to be at piercing pitch, they kick in and out and they’re usually a fairly uncomplicated/Puretone signal.


Could be feedback suppression. HA hears steady tones and attempts to squelch them out. I had a Unitron aid that did that. Amateur hour stuff. Any steady tone (land line off hook tone, alarm system, car beeps, microwave, you name it) would be squashed to varying degrees. Hopefully they have mature algorithms for that by now though.

Phonak Music setting reduces the vibrato effect. Easy to spot vibrato with single tones. The effect is not so bad when listening to orchestral classical music. I need to check out some violin solos . I guess the main problem is audio processing within the HA electronics to emphasize speech clarity as primary goal . Tks for all the comments .

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