Not much talk about prices


My audi charged $6200 for the OPN 1. I paid 5% of it and the rest she billed my insurance company. But after it was all said and done, she only got $3400 from my insurance company for the rest, and she was OK with this reduced amount.

I guess insurance companies have the power to negotiate but we don’t.


I came from 20 year career in IT network administration, loved gadgets etc etc, got super you beaut HAs with bluetooth, streaming etc etc.
Second time around, dumped the bluetooth as a superfluous add on that I ended up not using anywhere near as much as anticipated. Fun at first I grant, but that wore off. Guess you are going to have to go through it to know.
One thing you should know about cost, is that just about all of these hearing aids cost about $100 ~ $300 to make. No doubt you can work out what’s happening between then and when you get it.
As for where, go to Costco. Yes, it’s last year’s model, which meant it was 6 years more modern than the you-beaut bells and whistles HAs I had before, so really don’t get sucked in by all the hype, because that is all it is.

My new HAs from Costco, made by Siemens/Sivantos/Rexton, have excellent sound quality. Paying double via a local hearing shop is not going to get you double the quality. Costco has the great advantage too is that ALL your visits forever are included in your annual membership fee.


They certainly do not cost only that for clinicians to purchase.


Agreed - that is why I said it was the manufacturing cost, primarily to indicate that these should not be massively expensive for those with a hearing disability.


Looking at the Phonak price-list yesterday made me wince - M90 £1450 Plus 20% VAT. You have to get a huge discount on these for them to make any commercial sense.

Bearing in mind that they offer this product at £3295 a pair through Boots/Walmart hearing chain on the highstreet that they have a 49% stake in.


I took the plunge as a DIY. Purchased Signia 7nx 312’s with a noahlink wireless programmer from eBay. Saved thousands. Major improvement over the Starkey Xinos that they replaced


you are in uk some mention even on accessories VAT exempted what it is? already included in price?


Another FYI… In early December I bought the Audeo M90-R and was out the door for a hefty $6800. These are my first H.A. and it is after a 45 year wait/need. Five years back, at a different audiologist I was quoted $7200 for an inferior product to todays M90s. It is hard to digest the cost when you have zero help from insurance but I view it as a worthwhile quality of life issue, not a cost of hardware issue. I was quoted unlimited services for the three year warranty and also have a replacement for loss/damage with a $450.00 deductible per device… I’d sooner pay that deductible than full tilt retail twice. My compliance is 100%; wearing them every day for about 15 hours. Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em. When I take phone calls via my cell it is ported to the center of my brain and I miss nothing. I can hear/understand lyrics now. All very cool.


I agree. It would be so much easier if we could just go to any audiologist and be offered a selection of HAs, various pricing plans and trial periods. But that ain’t the case. From my limited experience, it seems most locations specialize in one or two brands and that’s what they offer. So you have to do your own research beforehand to know what’s out there and then ask for it. I find this whole process overwhelming.


So after interviewing three HA dealers (two were individual audiologists, one was a more business-based location that had an audiologist, but was headed by a tech-savvy HIS), I have settled on the last one. At the moment I am trialing the Oticon OPN, but am leaning towards the Phonak Marvel. Price quoted for Marvel 9s was approx. $6000. That includes 4 year warranty, free domes, filters, etc. – now after reading this thread I need to ask whether that would be for the four years or life of the units. Roger pen, if I wanted that, was quoted as additional $1500. Expensive stuff.


I took the DIY plunge as well. Much better in how I hear and I saved thousands as well.


20% sales tax on products. It’s usually included in display prices to the consumer, but wholesale prices don’t include it.


That’s a good reason to seek out an independent. Fortunately for me my audiologist has several choices of manufacturers.


I’m really interested to hear more about this. How you chose, where you got them from, cost of course, how you self programmed them and your experience with them.

Presumably the background to this is the change in the US due to the FDA legislation allowing the entry of over-the-counter hearing devices?


OTC hearing aids still aren’t allowed. The law that was passed requires that the FDA come up with regulations for them within the next 2 1/2 years.


Have you looked in the Hearing Aid Self-Fitting & Adjusting [DIY] category on this site?