Not much talk about prices


Yeah, I just saw the forum for DIY. A whole new rabbit hole to go down. Maybe I will. I haven’t even begun to read about it but how much programming will need to be done in the future I wonder. Hmmm.

On another topic, my audiologist convinced me to get the M70s instead of the M90s I planned on. He says the difference is not worth it. I’m not sure. What do you think you gained? I still might go for the 90s.


There are few significant differences between the M70 and M90, and a large change in price.


I have severe to profound hearing loss, my audi did not even offer anything less than the premiums of all 4 major brands. Oticon opn, resound quattro, widex, and the Marvels. I tried them all (except the widex) for a week, before settling on the marvels for a little less than month trial. I have 25 days left on these (I paid already), I could return if I wanted. My audi has been telling me to have realistic expectations, and I will most likely need implants if i cannot make due with HAs.

I am on skype calls all day (4-5 hours a day, the rest are conference room meetings). Streaming was the most important factor for me. hands down, marvels won in my head, others may hear differently. In conference rooms I can live easily as I read lips, I just get up and move around. However, if there is a speaker phone involved and other parties on the line, I have to have someone repeat what was said. Now, with the marvels I am golden on the phone, and I can log into the conference call and mute myself to have the best of both worlds.


The key is an always should be what works best for you regardless of what others believe.


Have you tried a remote microphone to place on the conference room table?


No sir I have not. I am hoping to find one that works with the marvels soon.


I just today paid just under $6,500 for the Marvel M90 rechargeables (in Washington DC area). That includes a year of service, etc. This was a new audiologist outfit for me, and liked seeing that they had different maintenance packages to choose. I might have gone with the six month package, but decided to just do the year. There’s also a three-year “handholding” package.

My insurance company should pay about $1,000 of that.

I feel like I have paid about $6,000 for the top-of-the-line aids for more than 15 years now. Funny that that price doesn’t seem to rise.


You do not have to paid that much for a good hearing aid! unless you have money to burn,which most of us don’t!


I am a first time HA wearer in my second year with them. I went to the well reputed local University
speech and hearing center for the audiology test (I had to wait several months to get in, it cost me a couple of hundred dollars). They recommended several options, I went with Phonak Audeo B90s. But I didn’t get them through the University, they wanted around $5k for them and after 90 days wanted to charge for further appointments. So I went online and bought them through a now-defunct company (BuyHear) for $2900. From day one I loved the HAs and was happy with my choice and needed no adjustments. However, I have no follow-up support and would like some now as I occasionally get a lot of feedback from my right HA. Other than help from the DIY section here, (which HAS been good) I’m not sure where to turn now.


I guess there’s always options, but the most obvious one to me is to seek out an audiologist who will troubleshoot for you. Finding one will likely take some luck. You could try the local University you started out at. If you can determine through DIY methods that there’s something wrong with them, you could try something like Lloyd’s to get them repaired, as I don’t think you can send them to Phonak for warranty repair on your own (although this is something an audiologist could potentially help with. Feel like I’m stating the obvious, but hope it’s helpful.


Wished you lived closer to us. I work at a hearing aid office and none of ours is over $4000 with a 3 year wty and we don’t charge for service cleanings or adjustments appts. Widex Evoke is a really great instrument and Starkey Livio AI’s are amazing! I would check around a little more before I purchased. But cost of living may be more in your area too than here. Good luck!!


Oh yeah, I’m sure Southern California prices are high. I want the features that the Phonak M-R 90’s offer. No other brands do.


The nearest Costco to me is well over an hour away so that’s not really an option. I bought a pair of Starkey Livio 1600 for $5000. At the same time I trialed a pair of Oticon OPN 1 ($6000)
I prefer the Oticons slightly better, especially the iPhone interface but when I told my Starkey Dealer I wanted to return my Livio 1600 he suggested I try the Livio 2000 since I was going to spend another $1000. Bottom line is I like them better but still prefer the Oticon interface.

I also like the Oticon dealer a bit better as she has a doctorate in audiology and has hearing problems herself.

One of my beefs with the whole process is that each dealer seems to deal in only one or two brands versus what might be the absolute best for their patient. It’s like going to a Ford dealership and expecting them to recommend a Toyota to you.

I work in a noisy environment (Hospital ER/ICUu) and, while the HAs do a good job of amplifying speech, they also amplify all of the ambient noise - alarms, patients televisions, copy machines, air-conditioners, etc to the point of my HAs being next to useless.

I keep hearing prices are due to come down soon but seriously wonder if this will happen in my lifetime. Best of luck to you. This forum is a godsend and I hope you will keep us informed of your progress.


Thanks MDB, you’re right, I should consider the obvious, which I really haven’t. Since they would have been charging me anyway at the University I should give them a try.


I live about 2 hours away from the nearest Costco. In fact there are 3 about that distance away. The value and price make it worth the trip. I am going for a follow up visit on Saturday.


I have settled on and ordered the Marvel M90s. First time ha user. I paid $5,800 w/ charger case, TV streamer, 3 year warranty, and importantly free visits for the life of the HAs. I’m in Southern California. I’m commenting because I stared this thread.


I will step up and answer. I can empathize with a first time user. You go in for a hearing test and two seconds later you’re looking at many dollar signs. I’ll address the question about discussing pricing on this board. I don’t think that it’s taboo. I do believe that most of use like to think that we get maximum value for our dollars and telling the amount you paid opens you up to criticism. (My grand-kids call it bullying) Also there are several things that factor into this decision. One is locale. Are you in a rural, urban or metropolitan area? If you are in a larger trade area, you have more options and the providers have more competition. What degree of hand holding will you require. After you have worn HA’s for awhile and more more comfortable with them you can be more independent. What are your options regarding HA providers. Are you near a big box store?

I have my second set of HA’s. I now have Seimans Pure 13 7Nx S. They replaced my first set of Seimans Aquaris 701’s. I live in a rural area in northwest Wyoming. The town I live in is less that 10,000 people. Our trade area is less than 30,000. The closet city over 100,000 is a two hour drive. I include this to show I don’t have as many options available. We have three HA providers locally. Two are small HA providers and the other is an audiologist who has been in practice in the area for many years. Investigating my options I felt that I would be best served by the audiologist. Even if audiologist’s prices were a couple hundred dollars higher.

My ‘package’ if you will, (he doesn’t sell package deals) consisted of an initial hearing screening. This was approximately a 3 hour appointment consisting of medical history, physical ear examination, and actual hearing test inside the booth. Then fitting and adjustments which again took about 3 hours initially.

He sells several different HA brands and of course the different models of each. I had previously owned Seimans and was happy with them so I choose them. It was important to me (and my spouse) that I have streaming capability from my iPhone and television. I opted for the Seimans Pure 13 7Nx S. I did price them out locally and with a big box store (which didn’t carry the model I picked, but had similar) and a national chain in another city.

Most of us don’t have ‘hearing aid emergencies’ but I would rather break my glasses than my HA’s. This was a factor. Having a local provider was another factor. Finally I have a good rapport with this audiologist.

In summary, I received a complete ear/hearing exam, ear molds, HA’s, unlimited adjustments plus the included 3 years warranty. My HA’s are loaded with a tinnitus program which I go in for every 2-3 months to tweak the specific frequencies. I don’t know if that is covered by the warranty but I do appreciate the service.

For this I paid $5725 almost a year ago. Could I have gotten a cheaper deal, yes? Would it have included the extra’s plus local access? I doubt it. In the end, it’s what you are comfortable with and can afford.

Best of luck to you.



Thanks for that! Brand new (haven’t purchased a set yet) and all the info I can get in very valuable at this point for me.


One post for these HAs said he was quoted $4,200 for the pair. I wonder if that included three years of unlimited service, cleaning, repairs, etc. For that plan, I was quoted of unlimited service, cleaning, repairs, etc

Yes three years of unlimited service, cleaning, repairs, etc. Regular price $5,200 but $1,000 off sale. 60 day trial period and one year 0% financing.


I have had my Phonak Audeos for over 5 years. I visit my audiologist once a year and she does a complete hearing test (soundproof box) and hooks my HAs up to her computer while I wear them and adusts them. Visit takes about an hour; charge is $70 which seems reasonable to me for a pro’s time; less than the mechanics at the Subaru dealership.