Not much talk about prices


I’m going for my first appointment tomorrow with a local Audiologist; first time with HAs. I’ve already settled on the Phonak Audeo Marvel R 90’s. I want the best tech, Android, etc. etc.
After reading many posts I’ve noticed that hardly anyone talks about the price they’ve paid for their HAs.
Maybe it is etiquette or tribal knowledge not to do so, but I think it could help some people out (me). If it’s a no-no, I’m fine with that and not complaining. It just seems logical to discuss this major factor.
One post for these HAs said he was quoted $4,200 for the pair. I wonder if that included three years of unlimited service, cleaning, repairs, etc. For that plan, I was quoted $6,200. Comments?


Repairs for 3 years are covered by warranty. Cleaning should cost very little (you can do almost everything yourself). Service/adjustments depends on many things - how new you are to hearing aids, how difficult it is for you to adjust to these particular ones, how good your audiologist is, how familiar they are with these hearing aids, whether your hearing is changing regularly, etc. Consider that you can easily get these for low $4,000’s with initial fitting and no additional service; so you’re paying $2,000 for three years of hand-holding. Only you can say whether it’s a good deal.


Alot of the posters here advocate getting HAs from Costco. That being said $6200 sounds a bit high. I would do a little more research on the prices of those HA’s online.
#Edit#… I just did a quick internet search and I found $4000 is about the Target Price.


Thanks! The audiologist makes most of their profit on the service plan, that’s understood. It may be worth it, maybe not.


Thank you. It is a bit high. About $700/year for the service. Arrrrgh. Seems like a luxury, but I’m new to HAs and may just need that handholding, at least the first time out.


Presumably, you get 30-75 days to try them out. If you’re not satisfied with the service or hardware, return them and look elsewhere.


It really might be worth it for a first-time user and a good audiologist - having properly fit hearing aids is a tremendous thing and a real life-changer. I suspect a lot of folks here (even DYI’ers) started with a relatively full-price pair. Good luck!


Thanks, that helps a lot. I’m tech savvy and hands-on, but I really want to go with an independent aud. We have several in my area (North of San Diego) that have excellent references. I’m really down to wanting the best price, without cheaping out. A professional deserves to be paid.


There’s a great deal of variation in prices. If price is really important, value options are Costco: Full service for life of aids for $1600- ~$3000 a pair, or through an online or insurance arranged audiologist for ~$4000 a pair. (These prices are all for pretty premium hearing aids), Or arrange an audiologist on your own (hopefully with recommendations) and pay $6000-$7000. Prices are ballpark and will vary.


Just ordered costco KS8 for CAD$2,100 (3 yr standard + 2 yr extended credit card warranty).


There is an extensive article about pricing on the main Hearing Tracker page.


No etiquette violations, seems to me I’ve seen numerous posts quoting prices. Understand the difference between “bundled” and “unbundled.” Your $6200 quote doesn’t seem unreasonable for M90s, depending on your bundle. Make sure your audi is clear on what you are getting.


Interestingly enough - my audiologist (or at least was until I moved far enough away for them to become impractical) - the price was the price. No add-on plans or maintenance. The warranty was the warranty, and they “supported” them (cleanings, for example) for free for the life of the HA. After the factory warranty (1-3 years, typically), they would repair, but generally at a fee). They even continue to provide was filters and driver domes for free (if I drive down and get them).


Your quoted price/package for the Marvel M90 rechargeables is essentially the same as I received. I’ve been wearing them for three weeks and very happy thus far. I chose my audiologist using the “Find A Pro” on this website. She has been excellent.


I guess I should have included my price in my previous comment! Oops.

$4944.74 for Marvel M50s.


Nope, that was bundled pricing if their services were “free” for the life of the hearing aid. Audiology is a professional service with costs that are generally similar to (or higher than), say, your physiotherapist (because of the extra tech required). Giving patients the idea that audiology clinics work like Best Buy has probably caused some problems on both ends.


Excellent data source, thanks!


I got M90-R’s with case, case batterypack, custom molds (hard cshell) for 6K in Gainesville, GA. All seem to price the premium bands at 6K here. Being new to HAs I need the hand holding. I have the software now and waiting on the noahlink next week. Once I get in and see all the configs, I hope to learn enough in the next 3 years to move on without(DIY) on the next pair.


Thanks. Did you get the unlimited visits, cleanings, repairs, etc. for three years too? And where did you get the software?


I did get the full treatment, unlimited visits, cleanings, repairs, and supplies; I understand after reading here isn’t really all that much.

Software? Following the thread and instructions here How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY] Thank God for this great community.