Not a skeptic for self-programmable anymore!

After a lot of research between me & my son, we found this website called I just love the aids, the self-programming and the tutorials on youtube were very beneficial. What was most appealing was the price. I went to a couple local hearing clinics in town & they floored me with the price on them darn things! I was told that I shouldn’t program my own aids…why not? I would recommend these to anyone! They came from Hearsource pretty much on target but I wanted to add another program. Now I can hear again!:smiley:

A very satisfied hearing aid wearer,
Roger Bateman

Thank you for the story! Please keep us informed! I’ve thought about self-programmable for years and might try them!

It would be nice to see your hearing test results.

Programming your own aids gives you the best hearing(if your HAs are powerful enough for your loss) at half the cost!


I do the personal programming thing using the HearSource FreeStyle OpenEar hearing system in both ears. Have been wearing them for about a year now. My hearing loss is about 20 to 25 dB loss in the lows to about 1,000 Hz, 35 at 1500 Hz, 45 at 2,000 Hz, and 55 at 3,000 Hz and 65 at 4,000 thru 8,000 Hz.

The open ear design is what my local audiologist / sales person recommended. The difference in cost between what my audiologist recommended and what I purchased was about $4,000. That’s alot of money for me and this wasn’t my first set of hearing aids. I had to find a way to get off that high priced band wagon.

I became acquainted with HearSource when my local audi told me I needed new hearing aids and my existing aids could not be repaired. I sent my “unrepairable” hearing aids into HearSource and they repaired them for in less than about a week and both of them were repaired for less than my audi had previously charged me for one.



I just read your tag line on the bottom of your post. I find the results you refer to amazing. Isn’t science wonderful. :smiley: