Noobe here - ear covers for hairspray?

Just got my first pair of HAs (trial Phonak Audeo Marvel 90). I’ve read that hairspray and HAs aren’t friends. Given my typical schedule, I’m up and about for an hour or so, and then I do my hair (female, lots of hair product). Has anyone tried a silicone ear cover to protect the device from hairspray / curling iron / hair product? I was thinking something like this: Hot 1 Pair New High Quality Clear Silicone Ear Cover Diving Shower Soft Anti Noise Snoring Sleeping Ear Plug - AliExpress.

Thoughts? I’d prefer not to have to take out HAs, but maybe I’m lazy.

If you’re too lazy to take them out to spray, I’d have thought you’d be too lazy to faff about with those ear covers on and off. :rofl:

Seriously, I’d just pop them out but then, I don’t use hairspray. :wink:


I take mine out. Always better to be safe. If you’re too lazy to protect a lot of $$$$$ then I don’t know what to say.

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I use a bit of spray. I just do that first, and hearing aids second.

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Take them out and cover them.

Put them in after you do your hair, that would be the logical thing to do… As the fine spray will block up the the fine holes on top of the aid. Don’t be lazy. It takes literally 1 minute to put them in…

That long?!? :joy::joy:

@legsmaniac69 the operative word is “them” just wish I had an icon that meant “blowing raspberries “:smirk:

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I guess you’re right. Just thought I’d ask. As I mentioned, I’m brand new to HAs, and it takes me a long time to get them in properly. I suspect I’ll get faster with a little time.

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I find it easiest inserting the “crease” part of the mould first, then push in the rest.
Have a look at this video for an example…
Of course, everyone finds a method that suits them best eventually. :wink: