Noob with Otosclerosis

Just diagnosed with Otosclerosis on the right side. Left side is normal.
My dad had it and had surgery. Not keen on doing it myself. What kind of HA can I get for use on just the right side? What do I need to spend on a quality unit? Can I take my results to the VA and have them dispense?
I’m unsure if a single side hearing aid is reccommended. Anyone here wear just one?

Sorry, but I can’t answer most of your questions. I can answer if there are people who wear just one aid. There are many people who wear just one aid. If you look at my audiogram in my signature, you would see that I have “normal” hearing up to 3 Khz. I do pretty well with speech and could get by with just one hearing aid for the right side. I wear two hearing aids because they can work together in noisy environments to give me better results when people with higher pitched voices are speaking and to hear some of the sounds that many people never think about…cell phone notifications, watches/timers beeping, etc. Hearing aids do not give you normal hearing, but for me music is better with hearing aids, because I can hear some of the higher frequencies that I haven’t heard in years. Hearing aids may or may not work for you…it is usually a try it and see situation. In this case it is a try it and hear situation. Hearing aid cost vary greatly depending on your needs…expect at least a $1000/aid and it could go into the $3000-$4000/aid range. It all depends on your needs and if the aids help in your particular situation.
Good luck.

yep… run down to the VA they usual keep aids at the front desk.

Thanks! That will be really great!

Keep an open mind about surgery. I have had it in both ears.

Fortunately they deteriorated about 7 years apart but when they fully deteriorated hearing became so bad I began to beg for surgery.

I have just ordered my first hearing aids because I have added age related loss. I am reserving judgement but from my evaluations so far, hearing aids are nowhere near the quality of hearing that is improved with a stapedectomy. Stapedectomy pretty much restores hearing. So far my impression of hearing aids is that they are highly miniature mics/amps/speakers that try to do the impossible and only assist your hearing. I really hope that when my Primax 7 CIC’s arrive I am proved wrong. I will report back.

I should add that I am an audiophile and musician as well as a regular working guy so am very fussy. Even with my hearing loss I have successfully told the difference between a regular CD and a high resolution recording. As will gather I value my hearing and have been through, and continue on, a stressful journey trying to maintain it.

just realised this is an old thread but hope reply is useful nevertheless.