Non Blutooth solutions


My employer (DOD) will not allow me to get a bluetooth enabled landline, can anyone give me any other solutions to be able to hear the telephone directly in my hearing aids, I am currently testing both the Epoq XW and Exelia M and plan of getting the streamer/icom also. I currently take out my hearing aid to answer the phone, which is not really an optimal solution & i’m sure it isn’t good for the hearing aid to be constantly turned on & off!!


Here’s an earlier thread that might help you:

Those aids should come with a telecoil solution built in. So I would think you could use the phone with the aids in telecoil position.

Thank you, I guess I could put that idea forward, but they will probably say no!!:mad:


thanks also, but I believe using the telecoil still means I have to hold the phone to my ear? As I work on a computer, I find it uncomfortable to wedge the phone against my shoulder while typing, so I am trying to avoid this.

Has anyone tried plugging the streamer into a headphone jack on a telephone? seems this might be an option.

If the phone has a standard audio cord, there is a jack at the bottom of the streamer to plug into. That might be your best bet.

I work on a computer as well. Most office phones I know don’t have the standard 2.5mm headphone jack on them. I use a standard office (plantronics) headset with my current hearing aids with the aids in the telecoil setting.