Nolan LiveMIC2 works well with Bernafon Soundgate3 & Juna9's

The Nolan LiveMIC2 (in its type A mode) paired easily with the Soundgate3. Audio lag (echo) was just detectable but acceptable to me. By contrast, an experiment pairing Soundgate3 with the Phonak BT MIC (designed for use with ComPilot2) produced unacceptable echos. I conclude that the Soundgate3 uses the same FastStream protocol as the Nolan LiveMIC2 to achieve the observed low latency audio. I’m impressed as well by the durability of pairing. When pairing is lost, either by disconnection or when the BT range is exceeded, the repaired state is restored without intervention within 15 seconds.
This MIC does its job in amplifying local conversation in a noisy environment. It is only half as expensive as the Bernafon BT MIC, whose purchase I shall now defer.

Pairing should never be lost. I think you mean connection. You should have to pair the devices only once.

I stand corrected! Thanks

thanks for the review. I too have the remote mic and it’s crappy as hell but better than nothing.