Noisy Situations (Widex Aikia)

I know this is a perennial complaint by people with hearing aids, but I have a pair of Widex Aikia CICs (my first HAs). I’ve become used to them and they are a real benefit to me, except in two situations: in crowded/noisy restaurants and on an airplane. In both cases, the “noise reduction” system seems to dial the gain down so much that it is hard to hear people around me. I honestly have the feeling that I’d hear better without the hearing aids at all, but I don’t want to take them out in front of customers, fiddle with the batteries and put them in my pocket :slight_smile:

Does anyone know this aid well enough to tell me what I ought to be asking my audi to do? I’ve discussed the problem with her, and the adjustments she does do not seem to help.

Hi MikeB

I know that the factory will have expert support available to help an Audiologist with difficult configurations. You might have your Audi to ask Widex for help. Just a thought.


I wore Widex Diva ITE’s for 3 years, and the only complaint I had was in one instance, where I’d step into an indoor atrium at work that had a water fountain in the middle. While the Divas would adjust for the noise, I’d momentarily lose speech recognition.

But I had no issues in noisy conference rooms or restaurants, and can’t remember any airplane issues The one time I traveled by plane wearing the aids, I put Bose noise canceling headphones on just before takeoff and left them on for 90+% of the flight.

has she perform rem?

First off, let me say that the Widex Aikia hearing aids are great. Your issue comes from the fact that you are wearing CIC instruments. To really get true “noise reduction” you need an instrument with directional microphones. All manufacturers claim noise reduction in most of the CIC’s but what really happens when the hearing aid detects noise is that it reduces volume in the lower frequencies (250-500Hz). Well guess what? Speech happens to be present in those freq ranges as well so it effectively reduces your ability to hear people’s voices.

For your next set, try an ITC or even a micro BTE. They are cosmetically appealing yet offer directional microphones which will help you in background noise situations.

Hope this helps.