Noisy bluetooth connections with Liberty HAs from Sam’s Club

I have been following the forum for awhile but this is my first post. I tried searching but found nothing like what I am experiencing.

I have Liberty HAs from Sam’s. Bluetooth enabled. iPhone 7. Often times when I am on a call I get an electronic interference noise in my HAs. Sometimes the call will bounce from right to left to both to …? When the electronic buzzing sound happens it is all I can bear and cannot hear anything else.

I have been back to my audiologist a number of times for these issues. They have me on HA set number 9 (I think) and the latest and greatest updates and yet I still have the issue. Is this a common thing for HA bluetooth? Is this the best it gets for me? The aids themselves work wonderful for my hearing loss as long as I am not using bluetooth on a call. I bought these aids for the bluetooth capabilities but have been really frustrated with the issues I keep having. I was told that out of all of the HAs that they have put into ears…I am the only one with this issue! I find that hard to believe and harder to accept.

Any suggestions from you all? I am all ears…lol.

Are you trialing those aids?
If so, return them and try a different brand aid.
Why be frustrated?

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Well I am not necessarily trialing them but I believe they will take them back if I decide to go that route.

They traded my old aids (of almost 2 years) in for a full credit towards this set. I have had so many issues that at one point they DID refund my $4000 but I was at a loss for hearing and they loaned me a pair and it made me feel committed to them again. So…after some promises that things were figured out and better through their IT department…I decided to give them another chance.

You really need to move on to different aids. 9 sets trying to get something to work for you is unacceptable. Do you have a Costco around you? They have great aids and great service for much less money.

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Thanks for the thoughts. I agree mostly. The audiologists that I am working with have become pretty good friends throughout our trials together so that adds to my hesitancy.

I think I may have to take your advice at some point soon. I have hit that final wall of my patience with these issues. I guess I was hoping to hear if others are having similar issues or not with their KS9s or whatever they are using. I don’t stream much to my HA other than phone calls and would like them to work seamlessly. I don’t like the fight they do with my truck bluetooth EVERY single time either.

Updating this old thread. I stayed with the Liberty aids, mainly for the relationships built with the Audi and her husband, and to date I think I am on number 13. 13 different sets of HAs. I think they finally got it right however or I am just getting used to the shortcomings of bluetooth HAs and likely the latter. My truck and my HAs still fight each other even when I go into the phone and designate which one I want. I guess this is as good as it gets for now. I have gotten to where I will shut off my HA connection to the iPhone in order to have things stream to the truck.

I am not back here complaining. It just felt like my thread needed some closure online and thought I would take the two minutes to write something out this morning. I appreciate and read most all of the threads on this site to try and learn from those who have suffered from hearing loss for even longer than I. My loss started out in my left ear and I wore an aid in that ear for 20 years or so before my right ear joined the party.

Thanks to all who contribute here. I am never to old to learn.