Noise in loud public places becoming overwellming

I have Costco Trax 42’s. I love them, but I’ve noticed a hearing problem unrelated to the hearing aids. In loud venues (Theater lobbies, noisy restaurants, loud concerts, etc), I’m experiencing painful sound levels, even with the hearing aids turned off. In these situations, i’m thinking a set of fitted, solid molds for my ears would help me control this over-loud exterior noise, since most of what I hear would be coming through the hearing aids. Does anyone have experience with this problem? My other choice is just to take out the hearing aids and put in ear plugs…

Just guessing here, but do you notice a tinutus recently, or had some hearing “trauma” like a loud situations that kinda made you hear a little worse? Could be causing this oversensitive problem you might have right now. might wanna check that with an ENT.

Often hearing loss related to nerve damage have a hypersensitive response to loudness caused by amplification known as recruitment. You may want to talk with your audiologist or ENT about adjusting your aids accordingly if this is an option for you.

Another possibility is your audi might of set up the aids with the UCL set too high. You might also need a separate program set up for noisy situations that you can go into when you are faced with painful sound levels. Still another possibility is a mute setting.

This sounds like what I’m experiencing. The sensitivity has nothing to do with the hearing aids. It’s still there even if I take the hearing aids out in these loud situations. Earplugs do help. I’ve had tinnitus for many years, but have noticed it seems worse lately.

That sounds like a good idea. You can then use the aids as active earplugs. You have to set the gain levels to accommodate your hearing loss and set the output levels at a suitable level for your recruitment problem. My recommendation is that you first try installing an eartip that seals the canal. This typically looks like a hemispherical dome with no holes. It may even come with two domes for a better ear seal. If you have a custom ITE, make sure any vents are closed off and then program the gain and output levels. Good luck!