Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Not sure should I make a new thread or discuss here (and hope it does not derail the thread fast…)

I have been looking at these headphone/earbud market technology. Trends seem to go with earbud like Airpods shape begin wearing it everyday like glasses.

I read those specs and amazed how it contains so many microphones in tiny earbuds! e.g. Airpods have 4 in each! that total 8. Compared to our hearing aids. We have like 2 each, total 4. That’s half amount.

This make me wonder. Why they can but our so (overly) expensive only have 2 each? Even BTE which biggest HA still have 2 each. Oh I know, they have remote mic to squeeze our pocket for that. Extra microphone. Sigh

The shell of a RIC aid isn’t as useful a place to put them as buds that sit close to your ear canal. Would extra mics on the shell do anything useful at all? And some of those mics on the buds are just for active noise cancellation which (correct me if I’m wrong) isn’t really a thing with hearing aids.

As with mhclavey I have Sony - in my case MX3 (older). But they suit & do the job in combination with TV / Chromecast treble control or on my phone with RE-Equalizer app. Per whatdidtheysay - the device profile “and” likely moreover your hearing profile - I would say would dictate how suitable NC cans are for any particular person. I stood around in-store for a good half-hour testing out various NC cans before deciding on the MX3 (about $400 AUD on special at the time from memory). For me the MX3 noise cancelling ability far surpassed “any” others including Bose - but for sure likely a personal taste thing.

With my old oticon HAs I could wear them under the MX3s but my new Phonaks scream intermittently. I have mod loss in high freq so setting TV or Chromecast Treble boost high seems to work - on the phone though the RE-Eq is the best I found with frequency range & range of gain; tried to match it as best I could to my audiogram.

There are a set/brand of NC phones around - that I’d look at if my MX3 ever take a bow. They are especially developed for hearing loss sufferers. My Audio did a blog on them. I can’t find that right now but here is a product page that gives you the gist: Audeara Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Value Hearing Store

I bought ANKER HP’s on Amazon a few years ago. Comfortable and work fine and weren’t expensive. I’ve had others I didn’t care for. My TV is Bluetooth.
I don’t wear my HA watching TV. Often times I just leave the sound off 'specially NFL games! Otherwise I read the “comasiciamas”! Some say yes I say not with HA. I like noise canceling. We have an open floor and when my sweetie starts knocking dishes around it hurts my ears with HA.

Much cheaper to use your Bluetooth HA’s with construction worker type sound blocking ear muffs.

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I use Bose Quiet Comfort 30 headphones when watching TV or listening to music. But I don’t leave my HAs in. If I do, it makes the sound a bit echoey. The noise cancellation funtion is not really essential, but is extre,mely helpful in certain situations For example when our two dogs start barking at something outside!

Resound user here. I understand your worry. I also use the resound TV/Micro Mu. It provides that extra frequencys to my HA so I can understand what is said on TV without having to turn up the TV-volume in the room. I only use that for the talking heads, news, no subtiteling etc.
It has a +/- button on top. I adjusted the extra sound-volume with that button to a comfortable level once. When needed that can also be adjusted whith the Smart-app. You will have to repeat that the next time you turn it on.

If you want an inexpensive set of headphones, not noise canceling, to try, I find the below quite good for tv. You will probably need an extension cable commonly available on eBay.

Thanks so much to all. Sorry to wait so long.
Holiday blur including trying to get everyone together - via Southwest Air……
Anyway, I have not purchased headphones yet but count this as a guide to make final decision.
Thanks again!

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Why not try inexpensive first to see if the idea works. has several models in the $50-70 range. If you’re using them for distraction in a car or plane, for TV, podcasts, or such they are fine. I have had 2 pair of different models that were fine for just simple listening, both are now $70. They work Bluetooth or wired and are rechargeable,