Noise canceling hearing aids

I would like some clarification on the current technology of hearing aids.
I am writing on behalf of my mother who is a not too confidant with the internet and forums. I would like to know what the current technology is in regards to noise cancellation in hearing aids. My mother suffers from a hearing condition which makes her very sensitive to background noise such as traffic and restaurant noise etc. She does not suffer from hearing loss per se, rather a hypersensitivity to background noise. She is currently wearing these noise cancelling headphones:

she says they are wonderful for shopping as they do a very good job of reducing the background noise. She also finds them very good for sitting in a café and talking to friends. As far as I can tell there is no amplification involved in these headphones, there is only noise reduction. Every hearing aid my mother has tried uses selective amplification to try to increase speech above the background which my mother finds very painful. So my question is are there hearing aids available which do the same job as the noise canceling headphones where there is ONLY noise cancellation and NO amplification of any kind? My mother obviously feels a little self conscious wearing big headphones while having coffee with friends and would love to have a hearing aid which could do the same thing. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


It appears she may have hyperacusis. Thus, wearing noise cancelling headsets work very well to reduce noise level to a tolerable level. Often people with hyperacusis find it hard to live with the everyday noise that we all take for granted.

Hearing aids to solve this problem would be a long shot. Yet, using something with great noise reduction and compression, such as by Sonic Innovations may possibly work, if the molds are very snug and unvented and noise reduction is set to maximum and the volume (gain) and output are reduced to the minimum.

I have done this 3 times, with 1 being successful, so it might be worth a shot.

Otherwise, she may also want to try some very small custom earplugs. I have a friend that makes great earplugs. His company is: Perfect Seal Labs and his name is Mike. He can make great fitting earplugs that are not even visible…might be a more cosmetic solution compared to the Bose headsets.