Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Check out the Atomic structures of a protein complex pressure sensor of the type that allows us to hear (see image below). It reminds me of two people dancing like on that wine label, Folie à Deux.

But it was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 3D Views of Biological Molecules.

Maybe in the future advances such as this could allow us to repair hearing since it seems that birds can already do this, Owls hold secret to ageless ears. Just some futurestic stuff to think about.

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The first dude came up with a new idea to use an electron microscope. But it dried out the samples and damaged them with radiation. So he protected it with a glucose solution to prevent it from drying out, and also turned down the intensity of the electron beam.

For most proteins, scientists could not rely on a protein being embedded in a regular pattern, all oriented in the same direction. So the second dude recorded images of many copies of a protein at one-time, scattered in random orientations and used a computer to group together the proteins that were in similar orientations, and then combined them to produce a sharper result.

The third dude dipped the samples in liquid nitrogen-cooled ethane to prevent water molecules from stacking into a crystal shape resulting in useless images because the electrons were bouncing off the ice crystals.

ETA> Oh, (Third dude preventing water molecules from stacking into a crystal shape = preventing ice), duh.