Noahlink question

Hi, I’m a total noob here, my question is if I buy a Noahlink Wireless can I adjust the programing in my Resound LiNX 3D and have the program stay even after re-booting ?

Do I need some software from Resound or is it plug and play?

Thanks for any help

Yes definitely. I’d suggest you get familiar with programming the resound Linx 3D before hand tho it’s easy enough, plenty of people from right here on hearingtracker to help you along.

Again yes definitely you’ll need the Resound software, SmartFit.

Check your PM

Can NoahLink program Philips HearLink 9030, which I understand is unlocked?

Thanks, but I get a warning that that site may contain a Trojan

Its the manufacturers site, so don’t worry, when installing it’s a good idea to turn off your anti-virus.

Yes sure it can, Noahlink wireless is the standard for most manufacturers hearing aids.

Use the search button from right here on hearingtracker to find some excellent posts on this model.

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Thanks. Sounds like a match! :+1: