NoahLink on a Laptop

I am trying to install NoahLink on a laptop. I have tried this before and failed, and not having any luck this time either.

In the NoahLink properties / connect tab, the available NoahLinks name, ser. number and status are blank. A search finds nothing, and com ports are low = 1 and high = 10 as on my desk top PC.

In Device Manager, Bluetooth devices list the TDK bluetooth USB adaptor, and the driver is WIDCOMM vers 17/6/2003 and is working.

At times on the laptop, I get a message that tells me to go to NoahLink properties and select a driver, but there isn`t one. In the Advanced Settings, the driver is NoahLink RS232 driver 1.0 – this is as my desk top PC.

I`m going round in circles, and getting nowhere fast! So any help much appreciated thanks.

Don’t know anything about Noahlink but it sounds like you have a resource conflict.

Right-click on “My Confuser”
Select “Manage”
Select “Device Mangler”

On the list to the right, you should see “Ports” … You are using a desktop computer, right?

Laptops don’t have RS232 ports … You got to get a USB to 232 converter, if you have a laptop.

I will stop here till you tell me what you got cause the possibilities are too large for me to type.

What kind of confuser you got?

What operating system you running?

You have to configure the USB converter to a low com port number and tell the software what com port you chose … Typically com1 using the Advanced Properties window

Thanks Currently.

Happy New Year!! Mine doesn`t seem too good at the moment.

The laptop has Win XP home with SP3. There are no IRQ conflicts. IRQ 2 and 10 are not used. This is old, and does have parallel and serial port just to confuse the issue.

The Ezurio Bluetooth adaptor is USB. It appears to be working, as one green LED is on, the other slowly flashing which is normal.

Noahink properties say - No channel driver is selected install DigiAnswers when I change to the DGA driver. As I said in my post! The alternative driver is NoahLink RS232 driver 1.0. I would assume – although we should not do that, this is the same driver config. as my desk top PC which appears to use a comm. Port to drive a USB device… I`m still confused, but many thanks for trying to help.

The day got worse, before getting better. Still no joy with the laptop, and connecting to NoahLink from my desktop PC failed.

Changing the driver on the laptop is not a good idea, and un-links the pairing. Keeping the RS232 driver on both PC`s would make life a lot easier. You are allowed a very short time to insert the ID number.

With some of the software I work with, the com ports must be com 1 to 4, anything above that won’t work.

Looks like you are using a USB device with the software, typically plugging in these devices triggers a driver search and recognition routine. Does it give you a driver not found message?

Does the Ezurio have its separate driver?

The Ezurio uses a seperateTDK driver.

I found out about the Comm port when going back to the desktop PC, it failed to pair with Noahlink. After a bit of head scratching, My bluetooth Places revealed Noahlink was not connected even though it was on. Clicking on the icon, connected to Comm 4 and Noahlink.

So back to the laptop and repeated what I had found, and its now working well. It was noahlink not able to connect via bluetooth, although the driver was there. Setting the Comm port seems to have been the problem. I am hoping I can move between PCs without the hassle.
So thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction, the New Year has just got better.

My hopes are a little dashed! Moving from laptop to desktop, and Noahlink needs to be re-paired and Comm port re-assigned.

The good thing is, I can have the laptop where I need it. Setting up the left Naida and listening to the TV has enabled me to gain some improvement already.

You will find that will also happen if you use a different USB port pn the PC. I use a bluetooth adaptor to program equipment and now I just start everything from scratch everytime I use it. It’s a pain but less time consuming than troubleshooting.

Glad I was able to help.

It’s probably too late. However, for any future reference, I’ve had the same problem and tried this: 5 connection

My Ezurio got discovered immediately and works properly with my NoahLink.

— Updated —

It’s probably too late. However, for any future reference, I’ve had the same problem and tried this: 5 connection

My Ezurio got discovered immediately and works properly with my NoahLink.