Noahlink license

I recently ordered A noahlink for my Resound GN but what is involved in obtaining a license for it? otherwise I will be locked out after 45 days. Thanks for your help…Bob

You only need a license if you’re running Noah System 4 software, a database application that’s used by hearing professionals to store client information. You don’t need a license for NOAHlink or Noahlink Wireless programming devices.

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Thanks for the help…Bob

Why did you get the old almost obsolete NOAHlink. Some may think that NOAHlink is Noahlink Wireless. But it’s not!

Maybe you need to start at the beginning?
How to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

The one I ordered was wireless…Bob

In order to avoid confusion over names see the following link for the correct name of this device;
Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless.

Well then maybe you did order NoahLink Wireless? Noah4/Noah software, NOAHlink, and Noahlink Wireless are three different things. Don’t blame me because I didn’t name them. This is Noahlink Wireless, Airlink 2 (same device).