Noahlink license

I recently ordered A noahlink for my Resound GN but what is involved in obtaining a license for it? otherwise I will be locked out after 45 days. Thanks for your help…Bob

You only need a license if you’re running Noah System 4 software, a database application that’s used by hearing professionals to store client information. You don’t need a license for NOAHlink or Noahlink Wireless programming devices.

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Thanks for the help…Bob

The one I ordered was wireless…Bob

In order to avoid confusion over names see the following link for the correct name of this device;
Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless.

Well then maybe you did order NoahLink Wireless? Noah4/Noah software, NOAHlink, and Noahlink Wireless are three different things. Don’t blame me because I didn’t name them. This is Noahlink Wireless, Airlink 2 (same device).

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