NOAHlink and Windows 10 April 2018 Update

NOAHlink and the Microsoft Spring Update 1803 for Windows 10

The Microsoft Spring Update 1803 for Windows 10 was released on April 30, 2018. This Microsoft update breaks the Bluetooth communication between the computer and NOAHlink; therefore, you may be unable to pair or discover the NOAHlink in NOAHlink Properties.

If you have the option, decline the Windows Spring update for now.

If the update has already been installed, and the Noahlink is required, the only fix at present is to roll back the Windows update. You will find the option to rollback at Settings, Update and Security, Recovery. Select ‘Go back to the previous version of Windows 10’.

HIMSA is investigating this problem and an update or solution for NOAHlink will be delivered as soon as possible.

**The Microsoft Spring update does not cause a problem for Noahlink Wireless. As with most Microsoft updates, you may need to reset the Noahlink Wireless by unplugging and replugging the USB cable, but beyond that it will function as expected.

Thanks for this @rasmus_braun.

Most DIYers don’t use NOAHlink. Thus; in order to avoid confusion over the various Noah names for software and hardware devices;
See Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless.

btw> The Windows Spring update also seems to have caused a problem for Inspire Updater because I get a warning that it could not be started successfully.

I use Noahlink Wireless with the new Windows 10 update with no problem. I have the latest Noahlink firmware which is v2.17 of June 2017.

Wireless is working fine for me, including HA firmware update on Signia Nx, and I will not go back to pills.

This is just to reinforce a point in case there is any lingering confusion with device names; The reported problem was with the old almost obsolete NOAHlink, not NoahLink Wireless. Take note of the spelling and which letters are capitalized to differentiate these devices;

For more details see Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless.

HIMSA is pleased to announce that Microsoft has released a Windows update which resolves the Bluetooth issue for Windows 10 version 1803. The fix can be obtained via Windows updates, specifically KB4340917.

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Thanks! That`s amazing. Microsoft mending something it broke.

There is now a NoahLink Wireless firmware update v2.18 dated July, 2018. No clue what is in it, but it ran without issues.

Updated Airlink 2 from 2.17 to 2.18, no issues.
Thanks for link.

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