No sound from ReSound LiNX Quattro receiver

Hi there! I’ve had one Resound Quattro in my right ear for ~6 months now. I was really happy with it the first few months but now I’ve started running into a single recurring issue.

When the device comes on, I can tell that sound is coming through the receiver based on the scratching noise. I can also stream music just fine directly into my ear. However, the main issue is that it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any sound from the receiver, through the wire, and into my ear itself. Essentially, with my hearing aid in I don’t get any benefit and sound is the same as without it.

I’ve gone back to my audiologist twice now and it’ll work fine for a day or two before reverting back to the same problem. I can’t seem to find anything out there that indicates that someone else has run into this issue. I’ve tried cleaning it every way I can (no solvents/solutions or anything like that), but it just doesn’t seem to cooperate.

Any help would be appreciated!

I could be wrong, but my first thought is that you have a bad or blocked mic. The receiver could be fine, but if it’s not getting any signal from the mic, it might as well not be working. If you are getting prompts and streaming, that would indicate to me that the receiver is working. I would ask you provider to check the mic. It may need to be sent in for repairs, or if it’s blocked, the audi may be able to unblock it by using suction.

The brand I work with gives us replacement mic covers, because dust, sweat, and other particulates can clog the covers similar to the way wax can clog a receiver.

If it’s not a blocked speaker (requires wax guard change) Sounds lie it needs to be sent back to manufacturer to be looked at by the repair team. If it is only 6 months old it would still be in warranty

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