No one has ever explained my hearing loss, is it classed as flat?

Can anyone explain my hearing loss?

Ive been deaf since birth, now for 25 years.

No one has ever explained what my hearing loss is (see below)? I hear things like flat, ski slope, cookie bite. What is mine? I see it as a tick because 250 and 500 seem the worse?! Is it unusual?

Thank you.

It’s a pretty much flat severe/profound loss. TBH, it’s great you can get technology that helps you hear that fits behind your ear - not such a long time ago, you would be stuck with a box and some hefty batteries.

Edit: Sorry if that sounds callous, it’s not meant to. Just that having usable gain over 110dB from such a small package is quite an achievement IMHO.

Thanks and yes amazing gain from such a small hearing aid (tiny compared to my superfront aids). I was stuck with the body worn aids until 8 years old. Cant remember much about them but my mum says I hated them!

Do you know if my loss would of let me wear the Niada SP aid?

OK one thing that stumped me is if your loss is more than 80db and you need higher db gain to hear doesn’t it damage the sever hearing loss even further because of the sheer db necessary to hear at all?

80db for 8 hours is OSHA safety limits in USA before loss occurs.

110 db gain would cause someone with a 90-100 db loss to loose the rest of their hearing quickly wouldn’t it??

Or because of the loss it doesn’t effect the loss of further hearing when DB is used in excess of levels that would hurt normal hearing people?

I really need to know this so I can make sure I am not setting my tv too loud in order to understand what is being said etc.??:eek:??.

No one has set the DB limits for HI people to keep them from loosing more hearing as far as I know.

If you have a search through threads passim on this topic, you’ll find it’s been already well covered. The short answer is no they don’t due to the Leq Average dB A exposure, and no in the presence of conductive losses, and no in mega sensorineural losses because there’s less sensitive stuff to destroy.

lol thank goodness. that explains a lot about my being around louder noise and not having much change in my audio-gram.

what is the key words used in the search to find these thread topic. as I pointed out its a first for me and as a result have no idea of the key words used on the subject.

It’s pretty much all in this thread here from about the 2nd page on.