Nitro Micon ITC

Hello, as some of you may know from another thread, I have begun researching this HA for myself,

I in fact have gotten one price from one online seller of HAs, and the price seems fair, and perhaps better than a walk in purchase, but there are still a few unanswered questions that I’ll have to take up with the seller, and if there’s any influence on the price quote they gave me? Such as whether the price they gave me was for the 3mi or 7mi model?

But, I believe I found some further important information about this particular model of ITC aid that is disappointing. In that this ITC HA has no provision for remote control adjustments of volume, or programs.
I assume this is correct, that no device apparently will remotely control these HAs. That only the BTE of this model has such remote control capabilities.

Thus, with a possible ommittance of such adjustment features, that would IMO severly restrict any modern versatility of these HAs, and that I of course would like some form of manual adjustment features. What good is 6 programs then, if a user cannot manually switch them?

I see a volume dial, and program button pictured at Siemen’s site. Not sure if those are standard, or options, and again, I’m not sure of the addition of these adjusting buttons-dials has an influence on the pricing they gave me?

I’m learning not to assume anything, and I surely don’t want any unpleasant surprises should I order these under any circumstances.

Out of curiosity, why are you looking at these aids in particular? I am not sure they are the best hearing aids. They are not the best in the Siemen line either, which is the Binax 7. My friend has a hearing loss similar to yours and was recommended to be fit with the Oticon Alta Pro. I don’t have much information on them, but they seem to be decent hearing aids. I like the Widex Dream 440 personally.

You should check out Hearing Revolutions ( ) if you’re looking at online providers. They have absolutely no salesmanship tactics to steer you into one aid or another. You tell them what you wish to trial and they set you up for a hearing test and evaluation (free) with a local audiologist that specializes in that manufacturer. It’s $75 per aid to return the hearing aids within the trial (45 days) for an otherwise full refund. You pay only for the hearing aids and nothing else. All the service from the local audiologist is included (for a year) with the price plus 2 years worth of free batteries!

Sorry if I sound like I work for them (I don’t). I am just so happy that they gave me great customer service and didn’t take advantage of me at all. I was very nervous about ordering online and I did not know how the process worked. I could not hear on the phone during the entire process, so I had to have a family member asking questions for me. Hearing revolutions was always very responsive and very helpful in address all questions and concerns. They also did correspond directly with me by email and I can’t say enough about how great their customer service was. They even extended my trial by 3 weeks after I decided to get a custom mold halfway through a trial.

where the hell are you finding the piss poor information you think you have.

are there any local AuDs they could send you to that you havent pissed off?

this thread use to be amazing now it’s just amusing

Thank you for your reponse, and this heads up. This business that you have informed me of actually sounds very good, and in some respects better than the business I have recently contacted. I can say more in a follow up reply, but will keep this short.
Thanks again for your help and suggestions! Mark

Hello Doc Jake,
Honestly Doc Jake, I first thought you were the person above (Sabrin514) responding to me.

You may very possibly be the most knowledgeable, and experienced member of this forum, but it seems commonly, and especially lately, all you spew is blanket statements, sarcasm, and insults towards me.

You may not like me, and may choose to find every opportunity now to do nothing but troll every post, or inquiry-observation I make. I’m surely not going to lose any sleep over any animosities between us if that’s the case here.

Now, if you wish to be helpful, then please do elaborate further about your previous remarks, that any info I have found inaccurate-flawed?

And no, I have basically a quite good relationship with the 3 vendors I have done business with here in this town for various reasons. I have not “burned any bridges” with any of them. Although Livingston did get caught in a lie a few years back, when they matter of factly told me that the broken battery compartment door on my Phonak Aid could not be repaired any kind of way.

I’m not afraid to further comment, I’m not afraid to quote prices, or end user agreements with an online company, I’m not afraid to post my abbreviated name, nor my location like it appears some are here, and perhaps live in some paranoia.

I could’ve chosen any one of 10,000+ user names here in a heartbeat, I could’ve been Travis Bickle, Pvt Pyle, Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, etc etc.

Meet me at eye level, and I’ll do the same. But try tearing me a new one, and the wind up will be, I’ll possibly get banned, or others will for violation of forum rules. Or much information lost from posts-threads being deleted, or closed. Is that what you’re hoping Doc Jake?

If so, it will be a cold day in hell before I let that happen.

The price I was quoted for the Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi ITC was $3798.00/pr

I further inquired about the Phonak Virto Q90, ITC 312 price was $4500.00/pr

IMHO, $3800 for the pair is more than a fair price.
go here and click the ite icon
then go here and download the pdf

that is everything you need to know and then some…

Thank you Doc.
Over the past 2-3 days, I have perused over the info on the Nitro Line, the same you have provided me. Took a bit to find for awhile, but eventually did.

Initially, on the little pocket remote (forget what it’s called at the moment) it did sound that it was usable with the Nitro ITC/CIC models, but further reading where it says “Read More”, it then further elaborates that remote operation is only available with the BTE Model. A shame, but maybe because of packing so much power into these smaller custom fit HAs, there was not any room left? Just a guess of course.

I’m having the online seller look into this further for me, as I don’t wish to rule out this aid just yet. She will call me this morning with more info. So far, all sounds well, information has been concise, friendly, they seem quite knowledgable, and easy to work with.

The nitro custom ITC HA, may be only just one of a very small handful of small discreet aids that will be usable for my degree of profound loss at high frequencies. I’ve of course known for years that commonly, the best recommended and default choice for myself would be a Power BTE, perhaps like the Phonak Naida. Personally, I wish for a HA that is smaller, more discreet, hence the wish for a Power ITC.

Vanity, and the other, comfort are the main reasons for a choice of a smaller ITC type if it is “doable”.

The other HA I have asked about, is the Phonak Virto Q90 312 ITC. As far as I can gather, this Model is available in 4 power versions, with both an SP, and UP configuration. One of these configurations may be personally usable.

The price they quoted me for the Q90 312 ITC Virto, no matter the power output and options is $4500/pr. I could probably take an educated guess that just walking into any vendor’s door and asking for a price, I could probably add another $2K plus for the pair.

I remember, that my Phonak Perseo HAs, so many years ago, were about $3200/ea. with no discounts.
Thanks again, Mark

Mark, as to vanity, you are also dealing with old knowledge. The HA market has changed a lot. You are thinking about BTE aids that had the ear hook and the obvious tube. They were bulky behind the ear. Current RIC aids are very small behind the ear. They are less than half the size of a AAA battery. There isn’t an ear hook but a fine wire that is much harder to see. Comfort is greater with the new aids.

One of the problems with buying over the net is you don’t really see what else is out there. You are hurting yourself by avoiding a bit of travel to understand what the new aids are like. You don’t have to buy there but you should inform yourself.

Hello Ken, and thank you.

I did recently trial two TOTL RIC Aids, Phonak Audeo V-90 with SP Reciever and custom Mold, and a Starkey 110Z with a variety of Universal Molds all in the same day-visit. Yes, they were programmed to my loss, feedback management run, but both squealed like stuck pigs, there was no resolution, and apparently an inevitable no can do was cited by the audi, thus I bailed out.

I agree and I have lusted since the very first time seeing these new RICs, I recognized what advantages they had over older technology, and as well custom fit HAs such as my ITCs. Modular, many great features, newer HA technology, user changeable molds, wax guards, etc.

My conclusions at present are this: Due to the severity of my loss, I think the largest hurdle that I will continue to face, and have to combat-overcome, will be feedback issues with almost any modern or type-design HA. I had assumed that the further separation of Reciever-Speaker and Mics would be a clear cut advantage to an RIC, lessening chances of feedback issues, but found out I was wrong.

Probably the only way I could clearly get away from the battle of feedback, would be to return to a 1940’s style HA, where one wears the little "transistor-like Radio in a shirt pocket, and the Speaker and Hook hanging over the ear.

Trust that over the years, I have combatted-dealt with feeback issues on and off with my current HAs, and it’s like “Who needs to listen to Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, with the nerve wracking Wee-ooo-Wee!”, it was like getting a free “Hendrix Concert”! LOL

I have a bad loss and use RIC. You need a custom mold to deal with the feedback issues, so trying them on in the office with domes, you are not going to get a true representation of what the aid will be like.

Hello Sabrin,
I know you are correct, the Audeo V90 312 was fitted with a SP Reciever, and a custom fitted clear hard plastic Mold from Phonak.
My memory is a little fuzzy since it’s been a good month or so back, but believe the Custom Mold had a Vent Hole, and the Vent Hole was also then later plugged to see if that rectified the feedback. The Feedback management program was run a number of times, and the volume then knocked down to almost making the HAs totally unusable. Like I was wearing no aids at all.

In retrospect, it could’ve been the selection of the SP Reciever, and that the UP Reciever for this model might’ve been the better choice? I reckon I’ll probably never know now.

And yes, while the audi claimed the Starkey 110Z had what she claimed was a better feedback management than the Phonak, it was worse, and again, probable reasons were no custom made Mold, as the Phonak-Recievers are not interchangeable.

In regards to the Recievers, I know this might sound strange-odd, but it would be nice if all Manufacturers began to use some form of standardized universal Reciever and Connections. Thus, simple swaps, and that Reciever Technology could somehow be universal. In that scenario, the Phonak Reciever and Mold (which the receiver is then not removable from the Mold) could’ve been retrofitted to the Starkey HA. It’s an idea, maybe a lame one?

Almost like changing tires on a car, you buy the specific size needed, but then there’s a myriad of different makes, Firestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop, etc.

I just now got an email from the online company in regards to the Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi Custom ITC Aids.

She said she spoke with Siemens this morning, and Siemens stated claims that both their Easy Pocket Remote, and Tek Remote which is compatible with Bluetooth, etc does work with this particular aid.

I hope this is absolutely true-correct, should I ultimately choose-decide to go with the Siemens Nitro 7mi ITC. (The Siemens Easy Pocket Remote she said was $175)

Other information she provided, that if I choose instead to go with the Phonak Virto Q-90 312 ITC, that I would be needing the UP Version (highest gain output) The simple Remote Phonak Makes (Pocket Pilot 1?, is $275 I believe)

Lastly, she stated she did speak with the local audi, whom I’ve done business with numerous times in the past, they were the folks who sold me my right Phonak Perseo Aid, and follow up support these last 10+ years, and said the audi and business would be happy to do business with me through the online company.

All pretty much good, and prompt news, but now has come the huge personal difficulty on a decision, to choose the Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi ITC, or the Phonak Virto Q90 312 UP ITC?

my audio-gram is way worse then yours. I currently wear Siemen Carat Bx7s with the SP receivers and before these I wore the Pure Carat 701s. Both came in hard molds from Siemens. Never had feedback issues. If you were having feedback it was simply because your molds didnt fit and sound was leaking and being picked up by the mics. Trying anything in your range with domes of any type was domed to failure. BTW, any manufacturer will remake molds at no cost until they fit correctly.

I had a little problem with my molds too and like another user in the forum, I had the molds remade with the “open mouth” technique. That seemed to fix the issues for her and myself.

Thank you Doc for your response!

I do personally know what you say is absolutely correct, in that the jaw, and other positions of the head, like looking down for instance, changes the shape of the ear canal. This of course can cause another set of variables, and problems from user to user.

In regards to my own Phonak Perseos which were again re-programmed-adjusted yesterday afternoon, they were fine in the office after the last final tweak, which basically returned the HAs to an older session a couple years back.

But then after coming home, and preparing dinner, they began again a slight whistle from feedback, and as you can imagine how disappointing this can be. Not sure of what the cause is, and is probably still more than likely a slight ill fit. That perhaps as moisture from sweat occurs in the ear canal, that they slightly dislodge, and come out of the canal ever so slightly. As you folks surely know, it doesn’t take very much for such problems as feedback to rear their ugly head.

But yet later, and right now, for the past couple hours, no feedback at all experienced. Hmm, a real stumper with such coming and going. This particular left HA has been recased 2 times within the past 5 weeks, and I did speak with the repair facility in California again yesterday afternoon, discussing with the tech the persistent re-occurring issues, and they said they would gladly again either re-make the Case, or could perhaps modify and lengthen the tip of the case where it resides deep within the ear canal.

It appears that they did make the case a bit too short in this area, that the mold does still not fit deep enough into the ear canal. This perhaps leaves too much of an air gap between the tip of the aid, and the eardrum?

I was going to send it out today, and perhaps take a few close up macro pics with my Digital Camera comparing the two Aids in various photos. I might wait just another day or three, to further see how this aid performs, and not to again rush conclusions, and a determination of what to do?

Again, I do understand the difficulty of making molds-cases, particularly when the facility is not local, and I’m not there in person, nor able to send off both HAs at this point. I’m at the brink of possibly purchasing new HAs, so perhaps a few weeks from now, after acquiring the new HAs, I can then sent off both these older HAs so they can compare, and can then better match them in physical size-length?

Hello Doc,
I did not know the severity of your hearing loss was that great, or as bad, or worse than mine. Thus, were in a similar boat so to speak, and can imagine the “roads” you have traveled were perhaps as complex, and sometimes frustrating.

I’m of course not aware of what were the causes of your loss, in my case, I’m not so really sure anymore? 30 straight years in a Railroad Yard as a Mechanic, maybe. Enjoying music at high DB levels, another likely cause. The enjoyment of shooting, illnesses, antibiotics, head trauma, as I’ve been a few nice fights in my day, one time studied martial arts. Hereditary? Or a combo of all I mention?

None the less, I’m where I’m at, like you, and am hoping soon that some new HAs will give me a little better hearing than what I’ve experienced with these that I wear, and hoping optimistically that there will soon be a light at the end of the tunnel, and new enjoyment. Of course one has to pay the price of admission, but when you actually think about costs, can one truly place a price on hearing?

Maybe one day Doc, some new treatments, or other technological-science breakthroughs will come along, and be a helpful aid to all-some of us? Can always hope!

One of the difficulties I’ve been experiencing, is trouble with phone conversations sometimes with these older Phonak Aids. Hopefully, newer technology with a phone streaming feature in “living stereo” will be a huge improvement to enhance such. I use a set of 4 cordless AT&T Phones throughout the house for convenience, and they have a speakerphone feature which does help at the present. That I can hear the caller with both ears. Sonic Clarity-resolution of course isn’t exactly state of the art Hi Fi.

Many of us may have many of the same concerns. I surely wouldn’t want, or others to die in a house fire, and I have 5 smoke detectors scattered across the house, one, right next to my bed on a nightstand, and another on my bedroom wall. And 3 5lb Fire extinguishers throughout the house.

It is a worry that something bad would happen, and there I am in bed fast asleep, and hear nothing. My 84 year old mother lives with me, and again, there’s worry of not hearing her cries for help in the middle of the night.

A sword of Damocles, that should something bad happen, and I’m not hearing, it is a worry that foresight was poor-lacking, and I forgot something that I could’ve done had I thought.