Newly diagnosed active mother with hearing loss

Have always had difficulty hearing in large groups, movies, quiet voices, etc. Husband complains that I can never hear him… So, I recently saw an audiologist who recommended hearing aids… Husband freaked out at the cost so have seen another person (not an audiologist, but highly recommended) Same results. Both have recommended that I see an ENT, but don’t think that will change the fact that I need hearing aids. Have then gone on to Costco(for the price). Had a brief discussion and scheduled an appointment there as well. Costco said, “yor hearing will improve, but don’t expect much”, where the first two noted that I would hear significantly better. Husband feels like the first two are “sales people” blowing smoke to make the sale of the much more expensive HA. Have been recommended Audibel A4i, and the Resound Cala 8(costco). Have an appointment with ENT before I make any decisions, but looking for some help in making the final decision eventually. I feel like it is more important to have an audiologist or someone who is well trained and knowledgeable than the cheapest HA. I am extremely active and spend a good amount of time in a pool (not necessarily under water, but possible splashing)

125 250 750 1k 1.5k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
R 5 30 30 35 30 15 10 15 35 40
L 10 30 40 40 30 25 15 30 40 45

Thank you for posting your audiogram. I see why the Costco HIS thought marginal benefit. That isn’t to say that you won’t experience recognizable improvement. The thing is your loss is atypical and not a huge one.

Probably seeing an ENT would be a good move. He might get a better handle on your loss and possible help. That might include a MRI.

Included in the Costco audiogram is WRS – Word Recognition Score – if you have that handy, it might shed further light. It will list each ear’s % and a DB level.

Costco has 180 day Free return. Try aids for at least 6 weeks of everyday wear to be able to figure your benefit. If it doesn’t help greatly, they can be returned for a full refund.

Thank you KenP for the insight… Is this the test your were asking for?

Speech Test Results

Left 15 dB 100% 50 dB
Right 15dB 100% 50dB

Voice Type:
Left Pure Tone average 31.67dB
Right Pure Tone average 26.67 dB

I think Costco was being realistic. Seeing an ENT is a decent idea since your loss isn’t typical. I think the Cala 8 is a pretty decent aid so don’t feel like you would be cutting corners by chosing them. Neither the Audibel or the Cala are waterproof so shouldn’t be submerged. They “should” be able to handle splashes. At least with any aid from Costco, you’ve got 180 days to decide if they work for you.

Yes, and I envy your WRS. :slight_smile:

It appears that your problem is with noisy situations. While aids have noise suppression that might help, it helps different people to varying degree. The only way to know is to try them.

50 DB is about the level of normal, home conversation.

It could be that your husband is rather soft-spoken.

If you’re around the water a lot, look for an IP68 rated hearing aid. It’s not water proof in the sense that you can swim or take a shower with it, but I believe it’s the highest rating you can get where you can work out and sweat on it or walk in the rain with it, or take a few splashes around the pool with it.

Google “speech banana” and you will see what your missing at this time. Right now you’re only missing a little bit of speech, but if your hearing continues to get worse you will loose a lot of the consonants and vowels.

Don’t forget to check your health insurance benefits, especially if you are on a large group plan. Many group policies give a limited amount of benefit (often $1,000 or $2,000) towards hearing aids every three years. I was surprised to find a contribution from mine. I also was diagnosed at the younger end of the spectrum.

Not sure if “Newly diagnosed active mom” works, but another option is to see if your company could help finance or pay for aids. If hearing is critical to the job (and it is CERTAINLY key for hearing kids!) there may be some hope.

Thing is, folks who have NO hearing prob (i.e., your hubs) do not understand how critical this sense is to others who need some amplification. It always boils down to money. People think nothing about buying glasses, getting eye exams and keeping prescriptions up-to-date, cuz that’s a COMMON condition.

Be persistent with your hearing issue! I have first-hand found that when my hearing is diminished over time in one ear, the word comprehension goes WAY down pretty quick. There is a vital ear/brain connection that needs to be worked like a muscle every day.

The only downside to your situation is the WATER. I also love to swim and do water sports, but with my loss, there is NO WAY to hear even a fire alarm go off without my aids. So I’ve had to pick and choose my water activities. GOOD LUCK in your resolution and keep us posted on the outcome.