Newer digital hearing aid technology

I am new to this forum. While I have done a little searching and reading here, I am finding a couple of things. One… the hearing aid technology has grown by leaps and bounds since my last purchase 4 years ago. And, prices for the best technologies have come down. This puts me in the ball park of higher end technology. I presently own Seimens music.

My hearing loss is moderate. The last audie called it classic high pitched hearing loss. I have been wearing whatever my insurance will cover for the last 20 years. I am in construction but will not be wearing these to work. My most frustrating problems are background noise, cell phones and higher pitched speakers and accents. I do lip read some, as well. my speech recognition is 80% according to last test.

In Feb. I had the pleasure of wearing a pair of Oticon Epoqs for an hour or so. What a difference. And I can afford these. I started shopping around and found that person’s prices extremely high so I have been making appointments with others. One suggested I try Phonak Exelia. The price difference from this person is $55.00 each. Epoqs being cheaper. ($2195 each). My insurance covers $4000.00 for both every 3 years.

Since I have worn in the ear aids he suggested I not necessarily go to open fit.

I am not one who can, or will, take advantage of all the bells and whistles each of them have. I doubt I’ll buy any extras. After I get comfortable with any set, I’m pretty much just stick them in my ear and go kind of guy.

I am open to a lot of suggestions here. Any ideas someone might have for me to check out, I’d be greatful. This is very new technology for me and I’m looking at all aspects.

Thanks in advance.

you can go epoq V
U should be able to get it @ 25% of the epoq W

Thanks. I have another appointment tomorrow with a different audie. I’m taking all suggestions into consideration. There is so much I don’t know, that it is hard to know what questions to ask.


talk about your lifestile, in order to make a recomendation lifestyle needs to be consider…

Ask her to fit you with an aid and walk outside…

trust your ears

xbuldr…your a fan of this model, besides having some very good insight into the other manufactures/model out there.

How would describe the difference between the Epoq v and the Oticon Vigo pro ?
I thought I wanted the Delta 8000, but after reading some post, I think I will try the Epoq v then perhaps the Delta 8000.

Thanks for your time.

honestly, to laid simply out there, most manufactures offer unbundled products. Meaning it is the same feature, the same hardware - same inside
but they take features via software. So for example epoq W and Epoq XW are identical but the myvoice and binarual feedback canceler are disable from

So Vigo pro and Epoq V are identical but vigo pro does not have wireless capabilities (ear stream ie: bluetooth)

Ask your audi to do this:
ask her to fit you with an epoq V and a Vigo pro
go outside to the street try one and try another

it should be very similar…

If you want other choices, (wireless) you can try siemens Centra
Phonka Exelia or even Hansatone leonardo…

But, I would say this get fitted with something your audi is fully familiar…

If I had to be fitted with something, i would rather get fitted with something my audi is familiar compared to the best hearing aid ABC

But, I would say this get fitted with something your audi is fully familiar…

If I had to be fitted with something, i would rather get fitted with something my audi is familiar compared to the best hearing aid ABC

My audie is suggesting Phonak Exelia over Oticon Epoqs. They both cover my hearing loss. At $110.00 a pair price difference (Epoqs are cheaper) I would not hesitate to take his advice. However…

What about reliability for these brands? Are there differences in technology that might apply to my lifestyle in one brand over another? Since this is a new audie, I am in the process of building trust in his judgement, and he is in the process of getting to know my lifestyle.

I did ask him to look into Oticon V as per your suggestion.

Both are good instruments, I would suggest to get fitted with what your audi really knows who to fit well

I would try both for sure. Make sure you try the wireless features also. Personally I thin MyVoice is a great feature with the Epoq and don’t think V has it.

My voice helps to refine the NR …

Does the Phonak Exelia have my voice? This forum is great. I had no clue what questions I should be asking. I’ll make a list and submit the questions to the audie. I’ll probably pester everyone until I order them in May. :slight_smile: Thanks a million.

Nope, it doesnt …
Phonak and Oticon have different approach…
Oticon works with artificial intelligence, while Phonak works with
auditory scene analysis (they are very good at this)…

I would not say that because Phonak does not have my voice it is not as good as the epoq (exelia)…
Exelia has some good things that Epoq do not have…

I would be concern about the audi being proficient with the fit. software