Newcomer Needs Advice

Hello Forem members; I am 52 years old and I will recieve my first ever hearing aids next week. I have high end loss only ,so my Audioligist recommended BTE’s with open fit. Of the hearing aid choices she recommended, I chose the Resound Pixel mainly because of price. Since I will be wearing aids the rest of my life and knowing that you get what you pay for, I don’t want to make a mistake, so I have 45 days to upgrade if I choose. My upgrade choices are the Resound Metrix, and the Phonak Savia. Of these , which is the better unit, do you feel this is a good decision or should I just stick with my origional choice. Being new to the hearing enhanced community, I will appreciate any responce .

I am 53 and I am gettting my first HA’s fitted tommorow…I will see how I do. I am getting Oticon Deltas…Where is your hearing loss? In my low frequencies, I am near normal…then I dip slowly from 1000-4000 down to 35 and then back up to 30 in the 8000hz…Mild but significant enough…I have put it off way too long…Hope yours works out for you…
Susan :smiley:

Welcome to the forum!

The Resounds are very good open fit hearing aids also. The Pixel is a more entry level instrument compared to the Metrix or the Phonak Micro Savia.

I personally like the Sonic Innovations Balance Open, Phonak Micro Savia Art (CRT) or the Oticon Deltas, although the Resounds are also very good and so are Siemens.

Yet, remember that we can all give our opinions, yet you are the one who really needs to decide what works best for you.

Terry, you are right, you get what you pay for. But I would try what she has recommended, and if you are not happy, upgrade.

Although I have fitted many ReSound products in the past, I was disappointed with the ReSound web site as there is a lot more marketing blurb than actual facts and specifications. So it was really hard to compare these two devices accurately.

I am personally not a Phonak fan and would never suggest their products.

Back to ReSound, here was an example of the blurb on their web site. Clearly written by their marketing department as opposed to their technical department!

"ReSound Metrix is built on the leading technologies invented or perfected by GN ReSound. [Great what are they?]

It has the strongest noise handling package in the industry [What does this mean? What are these ‘packages’?] for optimal speech understanding. And it benefits from other well known technologies from GN ReSound such as the fast and precise warp compressor [Does this mean it travels through space faster than light?], which offers the best sound quality in the industry [Any stats or facts to back up these claims per chance?] as well as the open concept for better comfort. [Open fittings are not primarily designed for comfort they are designed to reduce or eliminate occlusion]"

I tried the Resound Pixel and I wasn’t happy with them. I am happy with this digital hearing aids called Siemens Centra P. I used to wear analog Siemens hearing aids for a long time and I am used to wear this type of brand. I am happy with Centra.

Pixel is a decent hearing aid, but I don’t think you’d have to jump up to the Metrix. The Pixel and Metrix are standard BTE converted to an open fit platform. How poor is your hearing in the high frequencies? If it remains in the moderate range, you can try the option in between the Pixel and the Metrix, which would be the Pulse. It’s an open fit hearing aid with one added benefit/feature…it’s rechargeable. :wink:

I have not had good luck with the Savia or many Phonak aids whatsoever. So I would probably sway you towards the Centra Life or Active, or Delta (If your looking at high end aids).

In responce to earlier question , I’m normal through 1000 and then drop to 70 db by 2500 through 6000 hz.