i am considering the hansaton product line. does any one have experience with this product?

Hansaton products have been based on Siemens technology for many years, but that will be changing in less than two weeks when they roll out a whole new product line that uses Sonova technology. These new RICs, BTEs, and customs will essentially be re-branded Unitron instruments.

so, should i wait. do you think they will have a fire sale on their current technology?

I wouldn’t touch a Siemens product or any subsidiary that Siemens sold off recently for atleast 2yrs.

why is that?

Well in the case of Hansaton you are expecting someone with knowledge of Siemens tech to be equally comfortable with Phonak/Unitron tech. If they aren’t, that takes time. Secondly anytime a smaller company changes hands I like to sit back and see what happens and watch how the new company handles the new acquisition. Right now Siemens reps are scrambling as we speak getting people out to calm down all the pullback they’ve seen now that they were officially acquired by Sivantos and nothing is changing much at Siemens right now. With Hansaton, we’re talking about a massive shift from one platform to another.

thanks for the info

No problem. My understanding is Siemens will still provide tech to them for the next two years. What happens in 3yrs? Will the support and service still be there? Pretty big gamble considering the cost of hearing aids and the fact that they should last you 5-7yrs. There have been a lot of big shifts and overhauls at both Siemens and Sonova over the last few years. Neither has been the epitome of steadfast. Again, this is just my opinion.