Newbie with question: resound vs beltone

First let me say I’m glad I found this forum, I’ve learned a lot the past couple weeks reading everything I could. I never had a hearing aid before but its time for me now. The usual wife telling me tv’s too loud and having her repeat what she is saying. My left ear is weaker than my right and I have tinnitus on that side, I have appointments with two different audi’s in the next few days to see how bad my case is… One handles resound the other beltone which is closer to home, so my question is is beltone the same as resound in every respect. I would like to get a linx or the beltone first. I have not found any posts on the forum about the beltone so this is why I’m asking. thanks Ron

The Beltone First isn’t exactly the same as the ReSound LiNX. Externally, the case design is slightly different. Software-wise, the First contains a tinnitus masking feature that the LiNX lacks. And the First uses Beltone’s fitting formula rather than ReSound’s, so the initial gain settings may be different, resulting in a different sound quality. Other than that, I would say they’re the same.