Newbie with Hearing Aid Problem

Inhave a pair of Siemens Signia gearing aids and for about two days I heard a kind of interference (Just a very light sound like air blowing on the microphone constantly but not super loud), this happened on and off for about 10 second intervals many times throughout the day. I put them in one morning and they worked. I took them out and turned them off for about two hours, turned them back on and the left one wasn’t working. However, When I press the volume down button on the left aid, I can hear the volume down chirps in the right ear and it lowers the volume. I can still turn it off and on because when I press the button down for 5 seconds, the volume button does not work. I press again for 5 seconds and the volume button works again.

Does anyone have any ideas about how i can fix this since my Siemens hearing store isn’t open with the virus lockdown and this is super annoying. I am an Emergency First Responder and need my ears, especially during these times!

Thank you to anyone who can help. Yes, used the cleaning brush on them, changed the filters as well. No luck.

I don’t know much but could it be plugged with ear wax? Probably one of a few things you could try.

Thanks- will try to clean out again.

Are they RIC (receiver in the canal) type, rechargeable model?

I’d change the receivers over from the right to left, and see if the problem is still happening.

They are the rechargeable and just found out what the problem is. The wire that connects the the part the square metal piece that goes in the ear is about to fall off.
Anyone know if i can fix that myself?

Easy just clip it back on,

Thank you! Just ordered a replacement and should be back to normal on Tuesday!