Newbie with 40 db loss and tinnitus

Hi, I just had a hearing test and was told I have about a 40 db loss across the board, in both ears. I’m now thinking about getting a hearing aid for the first time. I’m a 53-year-old male.

I also have tinnitus. The audiologist didn’t do any analysis on that, but it’s a constant broad-spectrum noise at maybe 40-50 db. The treble is louder, so that the net effect is vaguely akin to crickets on a summer night with trucks idling in the distance.

I have a lot of difficulty understanding speech, but sounds don’t seem muffled to me (maybe just because there’s been a gradual decline over decades). Certain situations, such as a room full of chattering people, seem if anything to be unbearably loud. My impression, though it may not be accurate, is that the quiet sounds simply get lost in the tinnitus.

I think these would be my top priorities in choosing a hearing aid:
Better understanding of speech.
Natural sound (not necessarily the lowest distortion specs, I just want things to sound reasonably normal).

Things I don’t care much about include having the latest technology (I don’t object to it, but it’s not an end in itself) and inconspicuousness, as long as the thing isn’t huge.

I’d sure appreciate any recommendations that people have to offer based on the information above. Thanks in advance for your help!

:slight_smile: Technology should the top priority for you type of loss. People that have mild to moderate hl need very advance technology to be able to manage noise and speech in very complex noise environments. You can get almost any style you like. You should consider starkey, zon or the oticon, delta. You can find more info at or
Good luck

Sometimes it is better to consider an instrument with extended bandwith… Like the epoq W Rite (oticon), if you are price conscious the vigo from oticon rite should do the trick!