Newbie - what are the hearing aids Costco advertizes for $499.99 each?

Forgot to ask this at my last visit. Have another one coming up this weekend but want to do some research before it. Looking for aids for my parents, I understanding that the Kirland Signature 6.0 are at $1800 for a pair. And that they are ReSound under the covers.
Are the $500 each ones some version of Phonak Brios?

You can get some Bernafon, ReSound, and Rexton models for $900/each, but not $500. Phonak’s are $1300 to $1400 each.

Rexton ITE full shell aids.

Thanks @SteveAUD. @rasmus_braun, are you suggesting they never stock them? They’re advertised in big bold pricing on their website…

All hearing aids are ordered and not from stock. It takes about a week or so to get fitted after the purchase. They will have trial aids for you to try before purchase.

Now that I look at Costco’s rexton page, it says they start from 899.
So which ones are 499?

Hello I am a hearing instrument specialist with Costco. The $499 hearing aids are made by Bernafon. The model is the Carista 3. It is only available in a full shell in the ear style hearing aid.