Newbie to forum- hearing aid problems

I am new to this forum. I have hearing aid problems that I need help with. I am hoping that someone could either direct me to a link here on this site or give me an answer to my problem. My hearing aids are Oticon Epoq. I have had them for about a year now. I have used them half of that time and the other half has been in the repair shop. It seems like I have not used them that much due to them being broken. What the hearing place has done is they send me the reciever part because that is what goes out on them and I replace them. Then I send the receiver part back to the hearing place which they send me more again. I have insurance on both of the hearing aids. The Hearing place has replaced the hearing aid completely twice. My question is I would like to have some hearing aids that work and I am going to ask for the hearing aid place to exchange them to some other brand or different model. Is this something I can do and has anyone had the same problem as I have? Please let me know. Thanks!!!:confused:

The doctors 's office said they got my hearing aids that are broken. They said that the hearing aids were covered in oil and the previous times they were too. So I am concerned if I produced to much oil in my ears maybe. Is this happen with any one else? If so, what did they or you do about it?:confused:

I have Resound Future hearing aids and I clean the receiver every night when I take them out and then I put them in the dryer. I have read that people who take wax out of their ears (q-tips or whatever) are actually causing their ears to produce more wax, so I never do that.

I have a relative who has Epoqs and he has had several problems with them.

I doubt Oticon or your pro will do anything except sell you a new model, but it’s worth a try.

well try some other hearing aids and try the ones that are updated :slight_smile: the Epoqs is so old news now.

First off, to get all my cards on the table, I started working for a start-up hearing aid company a couple of months ago. I have hearing loss in my right ear, but it’s conductive so hearing aids aren’t the answer for me. But I’ve been around a lot of people with them, and I’m impressed with what Audiotoniq is doing to improve the hearing industry. First off, if your hearing aids need fixed, they will ship you a replacement pair over night, so you’re never without hearing aids. I think that’s pretty cool! If you want to know more information, you can check out our website ( or email me, Like I said, as someone with hearing loss, I’ve been impressed, so I thought I’d share!

Sometimes there is not much you can do about it. I know that some people have tried a bit of moleskin (adhesive sponge used for treating blisters) on the hearing aid between their head and the unit. This helps for sweating and can help keep some of the oil away from your ears. You could also try various soaps and lotions for oily skin. I’ve had a few patients over the years with very oily skin and the truth is, they will see more repair issues than most other people.

And as others have mentioned, clean your HAs every night and store them in a drybox.

Leslie, the man has a problem. The last thing he needs is a damn sales pitch… I don’t know about anyone else but when I see this kind of garbage pop up I say to myself. Now there’s a company I’ll never do business with.


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