Newbie seeking advice

Hello, I’ve had hearing loss for some time (10 + years), but until last week had never tried HAs. I went to an audi and my audiogram is set forth below. Audi fitted me with Audigy AGX9 HAs during visit and the difference was immediately noticeable - so much so that I’m convinced that HAs would improve my life. The price of the AGX9s ($6500/pair), however, has me looking for other options, but the many choices leave me rather confused.

My lifestyle is active; I’m 51; I play golf and enjoy water sports; and I am often in loud social environments. At work, I sometimes find myself in cavernous rooms with bad acoustics and in such a case, even when there isn’t a lot of background noise, I have a hard time hearing spoken words that are not amplified. I also have problems understanding speech when spoken, say, from another room. I hear the sounds (most times), but have to ask for whatever was said to be repeated more often than I would like – and I think more than others would like too (yet they’re too nice to say anything). Music seems less than full and I now know that a much fuller experience can be had with aid.

I’d appreciate any suggestions as to brands/models/audi or not. I’ve seen the self-programmable ones on the internet and I am tech savvy, but don’t know which type of aid would be best. I suspect open fit, but what about open fit/RITE? I know that the AGX9’s I tried on were open fit, and they were likely RITE too, yet I didn’t know enough to ask that question when trying them on. I am aware of Costo too and have one nearby, but as a first timer, would I be better paying the/an audi’s price to get service?

Lastly, what type of hearing loss do I have? Is mine mild, moderate, or profound? Is mine typical high frequency loss?

Thanks in advance for any help! Bill



Pres. level/55/60

Hi Bill,

It appears you have not looked very hard. Many of the members have the ski slope hearing loss.

This forum is loaded with information that can help you learn. Please do some searches on things your interested in.

Good luck

You have waited for long same as I did. This is a mistake ,but you can wait now for a month or two to get the information you need.

As Raudrive said, you have to search here and collect information. We ahve many experts in the forum,and I am sure you will get all inforamtion you need.

I don’t have any answers for you but I do have a little advice. Study hard listen to the professionals (not necessarily uncritcally), and participate in this forum. I think a major part of success is being able to understand and communicate what is right and what is still wrong at each stage of trying to improve your hearing.

I’ll stay tuned and learn what I can. Bill