Newbie Procrastinator or How Widex Evoke Can Win My Heart and Ears


I’m new to HA’s and have demo’ed in RIT’s in chronological order:
Otticon Opn 1 1 week Yechhh! Horrible!
Signia Styletto’s 1 week not so bad but metallic sound
Widex Evoke 440 1 month :astonished: Excellent (with qualifications see below)
Phonak Marvel 1 week Meh! (Tamborine effect above mid gain threshold)

So because sound quality is my priority I WANT WANT WANT the Widex Evoke 440’s but here is my procrastination list:

  1. After purchase the clock starts ticking ≤ 45 days if I am to exchange for any expected new model release.
  2. Of the trials the Evoke’s gave me the most amount of feedback (but not unmanageable)
  3. I will order Rechargeable Z-Power knowing that it is inferior to Lithium-ion
  4. I noticed that the wire to the ear was much softer than the superior stiffer wire Phonak uses

However, if sound quality is everything then the Widex are unsurpassable.
Any comments???

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While I haven’t tried the widex hearing aids as an experienced hearing aid user, over 15 years I love the OPN1 aids. I would say your issue is that you have been without aids long enough so your brain has forgotten a lot of sounds, that happened to me and my first aids sounded like a train coming through the area all the time. My only real problem now is that I have lost so much word recognition. And I joke with my Audi that I am not hearing as much background sounds as I was hoping for.



We have the evokes and they are awesome. Feedback can be reduced through different options. I have never found anything to match the sound quality of Widex.



I have heard that from a number of people but every Audi I have spoken to at the VA clinics I have been to have all told me that due to my hearing loss I wasn’t a candidate for widex aids

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You are absolutely right I hated the OPN’s ONLY because the Audi was horrible and self-serving (another story) and I’m sure given the right Audi it would have been aidfferent experience but for now its all about Widex Evoke Fusion 2 440

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That’s frustrating, you could write to them with your prescription asking if there are any plans to accommodate your hearing loss. The merger may create new opportunities to diversify. My son has the f2s and I have the custom itc aids, best hearing we’ve ever had. His speech in noise went up to 92%. Good luck.

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You will find all the aids you mentioned as very good aids. It all depends on the person fitting them.
Getting an fitter you are happy with is the most important.



I believe it is all in the fitting. A bad fitter will make the best aids seem terrible, and a great Audi can make a poor aid great.



I share your thought about a potential new release. The Fusion2 have been out almost 15 months. But, if they work well for you that is what really matters. The Fusion2 already has great technology, excellent app, and iPhone streaming. My audi offers a 90 day return but with a $390 charge if they aids are returned. She said think of it as a rental. And, actually, if I amortize my current Widex’s that is not such a bad rental fee. :wink:

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That’s an interesting way of thinking about it.
Kind of the way so many people do cars.

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Hey kolbrp,
Thanks for the info and I believe your Audi is not revealing all, I’m convinced that he/she will get back their entire cost of the HA’s from Widex in that period of time but the Audi will actually be charging you $390. the cost of the Audi’s time fitting you and doing all the leg-work,
But I agree that $390 after all may be well worth it considering you really get to know the HA’s before u you fully are committed
Also I was warned that the Z-Powered charger will not have more than the short return period. I think something to do with their arrangement with Z-Power and that Z-Power is a separate company and has their own set of rules.
Forewarned is forearmed.



Thanks for the info. I am a regular battery guy. No rechargeable for me. :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree the charge is for the audi to do all the setup, fitting, etc. I have no problem with it.

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Absolutely and something I have learnt the hard way over the years! I wish fitters had clear credentials for the hearing aids that they sell.

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I would agree with the sound quality of the Widex being superior. It’s my first choice and I’m a musician. You might want to have your audiologist try different size venting to help with the feedback.



Also to check the correct vent size has been selected on the screen. I have been fitted erroneously without this box being ticked, it definitely needs to be ticked & with the correct size too.

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