Newbie on hearing aids, please help

I’m a newbie on hearing aids. I’m trying to get a hearing aid for someone in the family. He is about 75 years old.

I wonder if it’s possible to get a hearing aid without prescription or going to a doctor?

Can anyone recommend a good product? One that is first of foremost EFFECTIVE, and comfortable, reliable (doesn’t break after a while), and hopefully not too expensive.

As you probably know, I know nothing about hearing aid. I just want to help out someone who needs one. Anyone comments are welcome.


He should see an audiologist so an audiologist can figure out which hearing aids are good for him to compare his hearing loss.

He lives in a third world country with no easy access to a professional.

I was wondering if there is a device that works for most people that I can just buy here at the US and send it to him as a gift. Obviously it won’t be perfect but anything is better than nothing.

Something decent and doesn’t cost too much (less than $1000). Anything like this out there? Just something that can make it easier for him to hear people talking to him so he can interact more.


Maybe he can try an online provider that ships worldwide, such as HearPod at

Or there are other providers also.