Newbie needs some help before getting first HA's


You can run an app in the background using iphone.
My favourite is the ReSound app for tinnitus. I have
a tinnitus function on my aids but I found this app much better for the type of tinnitus I have.


Costco has a generous return policy. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it is 180 days, 100% money back. Try their aids and see if you really do need the tinnitus feature. Many folks here, myself included, find that just wearing hearing aids makes the tinnitus much more bearable.

Most any mainstream brand of aid should connect to iPhone, it’s us Android people that need to be a little more choosy. The key feature you may be interested in is how your voice is transmitted during phone calls. My understanding is that with most iPhone setups, your voice needs to be picked up by the phone’s mic. I recently trialed a Starkey Muse that uses the hearing aid mics for phone calls, but my wife was not impressed with the sound on her end. My Phonak Marvels also use the hearing aid mics, and she is much happier with the sound quality now.


Keep in mind that the tinnitus feature can not eliminate the tinnitus. It only masks it with some other noise.


Wow! There really is so much to take into consideration when choosing a hearing aid. I had no idea. I can’t thank you all enough for your input & suggestions. It is helping me tremendously. I plan on visiting a Costco this week to discuss all this.
I have no idea how I even found this forum but I know God mustve been helping because this is a lifesaver to actually hear from those who are users. Thanks again.


Yes, I remember when I first found this forum, what a Godsend it was. Make sure you dig into some of the older threads, it’s a gold mine of information.

It’s the users that make the forum. Hopefully you’ll stick around and continue to contribute even after you get your aids.


Oticon opn3 is the first choice. I also tried Unitron Moxi All, but the sound was too metallic. Should adjustments be corrected or these ΗΑ so heard?


Hi, I know we’ve spoken before on this forum but hoping you can shed some more light on this subject for me.I was just told I suffer from moderate hearing loss and hearing aids were suggested. I’m so confused with all the brands to pick from not to mention their price tags! I’ve been to an ENT’s office where an audiologist suggested Phonak Marvel and to a private audiologist who suggested the Starkey Livio I2400. My last resort is Costco which was recommended to me from my primary care doctor’s office but according to the audiologist from the ENT’s office Costco does not carry the Marvel only the Brio. How do you figure which is best for your situation? I’ve tried the Phonak’s on in the ENT’s office & it sounded I guess ok, more like everything was an echo but I heard everything better, just louder. This is so mind baffling. Sorry.


Largely depends on how much money you want to spend and priorities. Although Costco doesn’t carry the latest, they are still very good hearing aids. They are way less expensive and you’ve got 6 months to make a final decision. (You can return them within 6 months for full refund.) If you want to spend money, my biases lean towards the Phonak Marvel, Oticon Opn S or the Resound Quattro. If you use a smartphone regularly and/or want to stream regularly from different bluetooth devices, the decision becomes a bit more complicated. “Bluetooth” hearing aids is way too generic of a term.


I’m your age as well with mild/moderate hearing loss. It was suggested by my ENT’s audiologist the Phonak Marvel for roughtly $4500/pair but when I mentioned to her that I wished to try Costco she informed me they do not sell the Marvel only the Brio. Do you find that the Brio has several listening options? Is it bluetooth and rechargeable battery? What kind of follow up do you get from Costco?
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. This is very stressful.


The Brio’s are not as advanced as the Marvels, however, they do everything that I need. They use Bluetooth to stream phone calls to one ear only but need an external device to stream music. I don’t stream music so that’s not a big deal. I also purchased the TV Connector. It streams sound directly to the HA’s in both ears and I love it.
As for Costco service, it has been great. The hearing exams are free and they have the latest equipment. I get free cleanings, free wax guards, and free replacement domes. Batteries last a bit over a week and Costco sells pack of 48 for less than $10. I have an Android phone which is one of the reasons my HIS recommended the Brios. If you’re using an iPhone there may be better options. Costco has several different brands. I would suggest you check with them and see what they can offer.


It is a little like buying a car. It is likely they will all get you there but you may prefer one over another.

One thing to think about is your device or phone usage. The Phonak Marvel currently connects to only one device at a time. In fact, many people here have reported that you have to re-pair to a device because it will only save one pairing. As you probably know most Bluetooth devices will pair to several, and connect to one or two at a time.

I have the Phonak Brio 3, which is the same as a Phonak Audeo B90. I really like mine. I have the Bluetooth device, the Phonak Compilot 2. I connect to two phones at one time (office and cell) and one other streaming device (my Samsung tablet). I also have the Phonak TV transmitter.

I really like the connectivity of my setup and decided to stay with this during my trial instead of going to the Marvel. I would like to have the Marvel because I think it is the next step in the Phonak line, but I didn’t want to give up the extra connectivity. After several adjustments I don’t really think I’m giving up any audibility.

If starting from scratch, and if you need only basic cell phone connectivity and if your budget is OK with it, the Marvel would be a good choice


The other advantage to keep in mind of the Phonak Marvel over the Brio is that they stream calls, music, videos, etc. in both ears without the need for a secondary device (called a streamer in some circles) with either Android or iPhone. Costco does offer other brands by other manufacturers that also stream binaurally without the need for a streamer when using an iPhone.

To me, single ear vs. dual streaming is a deal breaker, and I definitely don’t want to always carry around an extra device with me to get that performance!



I am new to this and using the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 with the M receiver. I had some initial issues, but now I think the HA’s are fine, and it is my left ear/brain that need some retraining to get used to sounds I was not hearing for a long time.

I suspect the KS8 with the M receiver would be suitable for your loss too, even with vented click sleeves. Here is how your loss fits on the fitting range the M receiver provides. The Rexton Emerald 80 8C is essentially identical to the KS8 (minus the tinnitus).

And this is what the NAL-NL2 fitting curve would look like. Seems reasonable to me.

I use mine with an iPhone 7 (iOS 12) and enjoy the features that the Connexx Smart Direct app provides. The best feature is the built in made for iPhone streaming. Phone calls go direct to my hearing aids, and the microphones are automatically turned down by a fitter adjustable amount.

Signia Nx7 is another model that is essentially identical. Here is a description of what the phone app can do. Different name, but essentially the same function.

myControl App 2

Hope that helps some. Costco has essentially unlimited follow up fitting appointments. The only issue is that wait time can be longer, depending on the outlet you use and how busy they are.

On the rechargeable battery issue, I am not convinced that is the way to go. Currently with my hearing loss and some Bluetooth streaming and using the Connexx app, my 312 batteries are lasting 5-6 days. The batteries are quite inexpensive at Costco.


The Brio 3 streams to both ears. I have to say, the Brio 3 with the Compilot 2 is solid, connects to multiple devices at one time, and is very convenient. I use an external Mic clipped to my collar so when I get a call on my office phone or cell phone, I tap the button through my shirt and talk (I wear the Compilot 2 under my shirt).


Thanks for clarifying. I had thought the Brio was the equivalent of the Audeo B-90 Direct which streams to only one ear using Bluetooth. What I understand from you is that the Brio streams to both ears when using the Compilot 2. Is that correct? Do you know if it offers monaural streaming via Bluetooth?

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There is a version of the Brio 3 that does offer monaural streaming via Bluetooth. It is called the Brio 3 R-C
You might want to check out first post in this thread:


Theye have both models, the direct and the one that matches the Audeo B90.


@srscmayor, I apologize for taking so long to get back to this conversation, but it looks like you’ve already gotten a lot of good advice here. There’s a few specific things I would like to touch on.

You said you use an Apple phone. That pretty much means you can use any hearing aid with it. Things get a little trickier for us Android people, but you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t think you need to worry that Costco doesn’t carry the Marvel, you have lots of other great options.

As I’ve said before, the most important thing for you to worry about is the Audiologist. You need to find someone that you’re comfortable working with and does not put a lot of pressure on you.

I liked @Don 's car analogy. Any one will get you where you need to go, but does it have the cup holders that you like?

As far as Bluetooth goes, many aids have mFi (Made For iPhone), many aids need a streamer that you wear around your neck. I don’t mind wearing a streamer, but many people here hate them.

You need to tell the audiologist what your needs are regarding Bluetooth and rechargability, then take it from there. Like the car analogy, you need to test drive them. My first audiologist gave me aids free of charge for 30 days. When I decided I was keeping them, I paid for them. The audi I’m working with now wanted his money up front, but gave me a written 45 day, 100% money back guarantee. Many audiologists will charge a restocking fee for returns. Costco has the most generous return policy of them all.

Take your time. Don’t worry too much about brand. Get the features you want at a price you can tolerate, then wear them and make sure they help you to hear better, which of course is the #1 goal.


Thank you again for your detailed reply with helpful information. I have visited the Costco by me & have an appt tomorrow. I anxious to see what they say & what offers they have.
I’ll keep everyone posted. I have mentioned to several people already how blessed I’ve been to have found this site. Everyone’s help has been unbelievable.
Have a blessed day.


The Costco outlets in Canada offer the Kirkland KS 8.0, the Rexton Adore, the Phonak Brio 3 R-C, and the Resound Vida. Not sure about the US, but I think they carry more. I have to admit that it seemed to me that the obvious easy choice was the KS 8.0 based on features and price, so I did not do much research on the other offerings. I did a quick look today at the others.

My opinion is that the Rexton Adore Li RIC is virtually identical to the KS 8.0 for specifications and features, except that it is rechargeable, and I did notice that it seems to have a button control instead of a rocker switch. A button would likely be a little less convenient than a rocker, but it is not a big deal. I think you will find that the difference in price between the Adore Li RIC and the KS 8.0 will probably pay for a more than a life time of batteries! I am not sure if the physical size of the rechargeable battery model is larger than the 312 battery model though. If you want to compare the Rexton branded HA’s to the Kirkland in detail here is a link to page that gives the technical specifications and features of each model.

Costco Rexton Specifications

On the Phonak Brio 3 R-C I did not find much for technical detail, but from what I saw it seem to be a lower featured model than the Rexton Adore Li or KS 8.0.

I found similar limited data on the Resound Vida. I would guess it is a less premium model than the Rexton Adore Li or the KS 8.0.

Hope that helps some,