Newbie needs some help before getting first HA's


Wow, now that’s good customer relations.

FWIW: The audi receptionist called me yesterday asking me if I had “made up my mind and applied for financing.” I told them I wasn’t about to apply for financing for HA’s and that I was going to go to Costco on Tuesday to check them out. She then said she wanted to make me an appointment on Monday with another audi, this one, in her words, an actual “Doctor of Audiology” and that maybe she could do something different with the price. I told the receptionist there was no way I was going to pay anything near what they were asking and she said that they could work with me. LOL. I’ll keep you posted after tomorrow’s appointment.


“I told the receptionist there was no way I was going to pay anything near what they were asking and she said that they could work with me.”

Wow! I don’t know whether to say congratulations on your negotiations or watch out for questionable business practices!

Naw, I do know – both!


Ok, went back and talked with the head Dr. of Audiology at the clinic. She was super nice. I told her the whole story and she was very understanding. She said the highest price is for a 3 year full warranty, loss, theft, all maintenance, batteries, drying supplies, unlimited tunings, etc. She said that is kind of like the “Cadillac” plan and most people don’t really need all that insurance, etc. She said for instance private insurance is less expensive and can be cancelled anytime, etc. She was really nice. I ended up with a pair of Starkey Livio i2400’s with a years service, unlimited tunings, batteries, cleanings, maintenance, etc. for 3200. I was well pleased and since it is 5 minutes from my house I am even more pleased. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: glad to hear you’re happy!


3200 total, or 3200 out of pocket?


3200 total for a total of 200 out of pocket.


Very good. As long as you are pleased, that’s all that matters.


That reply is a rote car salesman type of response.


Which one one and why?


The “Do you want to buy your hearing aids in the same place you buy your toilet paper” reply. That is a line that salespeople are trained to use, not medical professionals.


Oh. I thought you were referring to something I said.


Not at all, Mark. The reply by the “audiologist” is a response I have heard before, word for word, from everything from cell phone salespeople to …well, car salesmen trying to deflect a buyer from using Costco’s car buying service.


I’m new to all this. Just returned from an audiologist visit who recommended the Livio I2400 to me but she said the discounted price would be $5380 for 2. How did you get such a good price? Did you get for both ears? You mentioned insurance, is there one out there that covers hearing aids? Thank you for taking time out to help me with this huge decision. I truly appreciate it.


My employer’s insurance plan covers a set of aids every three years. However, the coverage amount is a bit of a mystery. It usually covers an entry level set of aids. My audiologist has to submit a claim for us to find out how much they will cover. I always want something a little better than entry level, so I end up paying some out of pocket. My first aids cost me around $500 out of pocket, this year it was closer to $1000.
Usually, when someone doesn’t have insurance coverage, we recommend you go to Costco. You can expect to pay somewhere around $2000 for a very nice set of hearing aids.


Thank you! My husband actually visited Costco to inquire about prices and brands for me while I was unable to & they were very reasonable. Although they didn’t carry the brand the audiologist recommended they do carry a brand that my ENT carries.
I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. This is all so confusing. Sadly my insurance, although it’s rather good for other stuff does not cover hearing aids.


Yes, when you’re first starting out, everything is confusing and maybe even a little frightening. Take your time, don’t panic, and do a lot of research on this forum. There is a ton of really great advice here.

If your insurance doesn’t cover aids, then you should definitely be going to Costco. Do you have more than one Costco available to you? If so, I would recommend trying all of them before you commit. The brand of aid you get is not nearly as important as the provider you work with. You want someone whom you can feel confident that they know what they are doing, someone you are comfortable with and trust.

Another big factor in choosing an aid is connectivity. What type of phone do you use; Android, iPhone, or other?


I never thought of that. Yes, we have 2 that I can check out. My husband went to the closest one but there is another not that much farther.
I have an IPhone 7 so I would like to find something that works with the phone. The audiologist that wanted to sell me the the $5400 pair (discounted rate) through Hear In America said the Starkey’s worked with my phone & had several options I could choose to use for different levels.
I’ll keep researching for a while. So far, I think it’s not something I need tomorrow but will definitely need in the near future.
Thank you again. You’ve been most helpful.


Keep in mind that Costco sells the Kirkland Signature 8.0 for $1600 a pair if you are in the US. These are premium level hearing aids that are essentially identical to the Signia Pure 7Nx and Rexton Emerald 80 8C models. The Costco version does lack the tinnitus masking feature though if you require that. The Costco model will stream directly to your iPhone. Probably the most detailed list of features that these Kirkland models have is covered in the Signia feature sheet. Just remember the KS8 ones do not have the tinnitus though. The Costco model is comparable to the premium 7 Nx model in the Signia series.

Signia Nx Features in Detail

Probably the most important question you need to ask of Costco is if they do Real Ear Measurements (REM), and even more important do they use REM levels measured to correct the hearing aid gain to match the target gain.


Very much agree!..


Thank you. It is good to hear that the Kirkland brand is a premium brand but unfortunately I do need a pair that can help with tinnitus.