Newbie needs advice

I have a mild to moderate progressive hearing loss ? (40) at 1k). When I got my hearing checked (3 years ago) they gave me some paperwork to help me out with dealing with it and said that most ins. companys will not pay for a hearing aid and if I wanted I could try one of the hearing aid type listening devices made for hunters. My problem is I have VERY small ears so those will not stay in my ears.
I do get frustrated at times understanding speech and I have to have the tv turned up and it can be aggravating to my DH.
Could anyone recommend a listening devise? Also when should I have it checked again and can you trust those places in a mart store or do they just want to sell hearing aids?
Thanks in advance,

Sounds like you need to have another audiogram done. Hearing can change quite a bit over a 3 year span. Howie