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I got starkey halo aids in 2015 first pair—knew nothing, I have severe tinnitus–the lady never addressed that–just wanted to sell me the most expensive she had as I have decent insurance—I don’t have profound hearing loss (drove concrete mixer 20 years) I have most trouble with tv and wife–I would like to be able to stream tv, be rechargeable and help with tinnitus–I was not super impressed with the halos—I don’t think they were ever set right–somehow one got locked off the counter and pup chewed it up year ago—what is recommended up to 5,000.00 thanks for any input. I sold cars for a while and thought that was a ruthless trade but I am thinking hearing aid business rivals it!! lol


You might give Costco a try.
It’s not like buying a car.:blush:

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Check out Signia brand for their notch therapy tinnitus treatment.

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Unfortunately tinnitus can be difficult to treat. I believe that hearing aids that “treat” it just use masking to help your brain to learn not to focus on it. There are many different masking methods, I wear Oticon OPN S1 RIC and have experimented with the tinnitus masking incorporated in them. My tinnitus is whistling, not unlike feedback you might experience if your hearing aids are turned up to a high level of amplification that causes feedback.

I believe you could probably replicate the masking with cheap headphones or ear buds and a simple MP3 player. If you opt for headphones I suggest open fit ones. If you block out the ambient sounds, all that remains to hear is your tinnitus. Once you hear it without other noises, it hones your ability to tune it in. The result is that when you listen to the real world, all of your attention is focused on the tinnitus.

If you try this yourself, use the masking when you do not need to hear everything in your environment. Eventually, if you can avoid focusing your attention on the tinnitus, you can gradually reduce the amount of masking. This gradual reduction must be done very slowly.

The masking noise you use should allow you to ignore the tinnitus noise. Since tinnitus can vary so much from person to person, it is important to find the best treatment for your particular situation. Treatment includes selecting the appropriate masking noise including type and intensity, how often you use the masking noise and in some cases medications for stress and/or anxiety.

In my opinion, the hearing aid selected should offer you the best hearing comprehension under a wide variety of situations. If the aid has a tinnitus treatment function, so much the better, but don’t let that option prevent you from selecting a hearing aid that fits all of your other needs.

Good luck.

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What is Notch therapy? For tinnitus?

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Here is a link describing notch therapy. Signia is the only company using it.


Do a lot of Research before purchasing anything. Many Sales people are only in it for the money with no regard to the customer. Don’t mention your insurance. AFTER your TRIAL period of several brands along with adjusts then make your decision. Costco is good provided you get a conscientious TECH [not many Audi’s at Costco]. Price should never be a factor with any type of prosthesis. I was a Costco hearing aid user but then the service went downhill. I came across who not only gave me a great price but a fantastic Audi. BTW, you came to a great site for advice & info.


I have looked for hours on the net, read reviews, read manufacturers claims and I an going to try signia pure nx7 rechargeable aids—thanks for the input I received.

Did you take the signia notch therapy? Let me know if you have and your review.
I am planning to take it for my tinnitus. This will really help.

Hi @eye4ur, I can’t comment on the efficacy of notch therapy for tinnitus, but that won’t stop me from wishing you well on your journey! I hope you find relief. :slight_smile:

No. Sent signias back. Stopped working 3 times in 8 hours.