Newbie - Here is Audiogram

Hello, newbie here and need advice. My husband of three years has:
severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in his R ear
moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss in his L ear

After lifelong hearing loss, he has finally become open to wearing hearing aids just recently. He is 30 years old, and here is his recent audiogram:

R / L Hertz
90/40 250
90/35 500
90/45 1000
85/55 2000
85/60 4000
100/65 6000
NA/70 8000

R ear hearing eval is 90 dBHL
L ear hearing eval is 45 dBHL

We have an appointment to see Costco tomorrow and an independent audi on Wed. After much research, we have decided on Phonak Savia Art, Siemens Centra Life, Bernafon ICOS, or Widex Inteo. Open ear HA for his L ear and Open ear, BTE, or CIC for his right.

We realize the open ear HA for his R ear will probably not get him up to par with his L ear, however, even if we could get the R ear to match how the L ear currently is WITHOUT a HA at the moment, we would be very pleased.

My husband also has tinnitus in his L ear (like a high sounding pitch, constant, never ending). Presumably, he does not have the tinnitus in his R ear due to such severe hearing loss.

Any advice for or against the brands and models mentioned above? Any other suggestions or advice? Thank you very much for reading and any help. We will keep you posted.

if you are looking for value
bernafon should be good,
however, you could look for
Unitron (own by phonak) and Rexton (ownd by siemens)
given the same set of tech specs such companis should
have lower costs

Ffm brunette

What are your husband’s word recognition scores in the right ear? Sometimes with very poor WR ability and an asymmetrical loss, you must consider the use of one vs. two aids. I usually recommend trying two during the trial period, but sometimes, with a that severe of a loss and much better hearing in the other ear, the poorer ear doesn’t contribute much to understand. It may still aid in localization and sound awareness. I’m not saying to forgo an aid in the poorer ear, but to evaluate it’s benefit well.

The right aid is not a good candidate for an open nor a CIC. If the WR ability is decent, He would need a BTE with a fair amount of power to get speech audible on that side. An open for the left ear would work; however, I would also consider that if his hearing changed significantly in the left ear he might fall out of the “open” range. Thus, I would consider an aid for the left ear (as many do) that could be converted to closed fit if needed.

I hope these comments are helpful. Best of luck!

Hi all,

Quick update. Went to Costco today. Very friendly, not pushy. The Costco audi said that because my hubby’s R ear has severe loss, he is eligible for the BTE Power Aid only while his L ear is a candidate for the open fit.

If we decide to go with Costco, we will go with the Bernafon ICOS Open Fit for L ear and Bernafon BTE ICOS Extreme (power aid) for the R ear. That said, it is not guaranteed the power aid will work for his R ear. They did not have a sample of that in stock so we weren’t able to demo it. Hubby did get to try the open fit for the L ear, and he was able to hear the noise of the fan roaring above and shopping carts all around as we walked about the store. He was also able to hear me a lot better, IMHO. What a noisy world it is! says the hubby. :slight_smile:

As far as WR, hubby is ESL, so the audi was not able to test, because we weren’t sure how much of the words he wouldn’t catch simply because he did not know or understand it.

We have another appt with an independent audi on Wed. We’ll see how that one goes. Value is important to us, but not as much as the ability to hear. Cannot put a price on that. So even if I have to shell out more, I definitely will, if the sound is smoother, clearer, cleaner, less feedback, etc.

Also, does anyone have an opinion on whether remote controls are good to have or not? And is it a good thing for hubby to adjust the volume on his own, if he thought he needed it?

i would use a hint test or a quick sin, word discr is a must and quick sin or hint is highly desirable to determine realistic expectations…

its important to discuss this as well as make sure a REM is perform… NO rem NO SALE


Hi, based on hubby’s audiogram in the first post of this thread, would a Phonak MicroPower IX be recommended for the R ear? And a Micro Savia Art for the L ear? :stuck_out_tongue: