Newbie, feedback issues, TMJ problems - advice please

Hi, I’ve found lots of great help here, in particular seeing that others with severe high frequency loss seem to have good results with varrious newer digital aids.

I have bilateral aquired conductive loss from a cholesteatomas destroying my ossicular chain, caused by childhood infections and not identified and removed until I was 36. After 4 operations initially improved hearing, but deteriorated as the reconstructions broke down. After several stable years, the left low frequency range recently dropped further. I had a lot of pain and thought the C’tomas had returned but I have been diagnosed with TMJ disfunction, basically jaw joint misalinged causing muscle spasm that gave severe headache/earache type pain, but the movement effects position of the aid worsening feedback. The TMJ pain is now controlled but I have real problems with my Phonak aids.

Can anyone recommend a suitable RIC aid (or CIC unlikely?)for my loss as my Phonak micropowers feedback so much with a recent power increase input, the feedback program removes the gain too much. I have a hard shell and with my TMJ diagnosed my Audi tried a soft tip but there was no seal and feedback was constant. she is contacting Phonak for advice but isn’t hopeful. However I see many of the posters here have severe loss and may be able to recommend a solution? Are the newer anti fedback programs an improvement? I hoped a soft flexible receiver tip would solve my problems, surely there is one that will seal fully?

Thanks for reading.

With your loss, we’d need to see the BC (bone conductor) results to have a proper stab at an answer.

I would try two things.

First, a 50 gain RIC from Starkey with a soft mold. You won’t have to worry about feedback, but, depending on your conductive component, it may not have enough gain.

Second, and actually probably first, is a Starkey absolute power. That is 60 or 71 gain for an RIC. These don’t come in soft material though. I would probably not do a deep impression because of your TMJ. Before the second bend. You will still be able to get enough gain without feedback with that hearing aid.

What are your bone scores?


Many thanks for your fast replies, here are my bone conduction results, i do have some nerve deafness:

I have a mild amount of nerve deafness as well I think from the bone audio result below.

Bone HTL 500 L20 R20
1000 L25 R25
2000 L20 R40
4000 L40 R40
I’m on holiday for next 2 weeks but would be grateful for suggestions to follow up on my return
Thanks again


Just back from holiday and looking for any recommendations for a powerful RIC model that will suit my loss without loads of feedback, does my bone conduction result rule out the ones previuosly suggested??? Obviously I’d prefer the less visable soft tip for both appearence and comfort if possible. Has anyone had good results from any particular manufacturer with good feedback management?

thanks hopefully,

Bone HTL
500 L20 R20
1000 L25 R25
2000 L20 R40
4000 L40 R40