Newbie asks help with competing audi recommendations

CIGNA audi recommends Widex Beyond 330/440 and will cover $1,400 for pair leaving $2,200 to $3,200 remaining oop. Costco recommends Kirkland Signature 9.0 for about $1,400 total top (no insurance). Same audiogram results both places. Big cost difference. Money matters. So does performance. Please: Which sounds like better solution and why?

Is it possible you can pay out of pocket and then make a manual claim back to the insurance company. I am always suspicious of insurance companies that force you to deal with a specific company that has high prices. It sounds like their real objective is to discourage you from making a claim.

The KS9 aids are good premium aids. And unlike some companies they will do the full REM adjustment and as many fitting adjustments as you need at no extra cost. No charges for your annual exam, and supplies like the domes and wax filters are no cost.

Suggest you use the link at the top of the screen on the right called “My Audiogram” to enter your audiogram data, and then ask for comments on how difficult your loss may be, and if there would be any special considerations in selecting an aid for your loss.

You don’t really give us much to go on. It sounds like these are your first hearing aids. Since you don’t state any special needs other than that money matters, go with the Kirkland KS9. They should be a big improvement over your current hearing and they will save you money. Costco will do a decent job. The Widex are more of a crapshoot. They’re good hearing aids, but the fitter could be anywhere from awful to fantastic. (Possible for Costco too, but I’ve seen a much narrower range of variability) Assuming you’re in the US, you’ve got 6 months to make up your mind with the KS9 and if you do decide to return, will be a lot more knowledgeable and know what you’re looking for. I suspect you’ll be happy with the KS9s though.

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Widex Beyond is an older model - the latest Chip from Widex is called ‘Evoke’. KS 9 is Basically a Phonak Marvel with some features disabled. Just on tecchnology alone the KS9 would be newer technology than the beyond chip so a better choice

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