Newbie asking for help?

I had my hearing checked by an MD, ENT about 10 years ago. The MD said I had tinnitus: indicative of losing the upper range of my hearing. He referred me to an audiologist but for personal reasons did not keep the appointment. My hearing has deteriorated.

Do you recommend seeing another MD, or just going to an audiologist to be fitted?

The FDA encourages all prospective hearing aid wearers so see an medical doctor, preferrably an ENT prior to being fit with hearing aids.

My personal opinion is that the law is there to protect the public. Yet, that is your personal choice.

If you have a high frequency nerve deafness and tinnitus, there is no medical treatment available. You can go and see any hearing professional, Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist, get a test, and get fitted with hearing aids.

If you want some extra piece of mind you can go and see an ENT, but frankly it is unlikely to be of much use. If there is nothing medical to be done an ENT will refer you on anyway, so you’ve just paid his fee for nothing.

Any licensed hearing professional will refer you to an ENT if you have any conditions that warrant a medical examination.


Interesting comment. I have tinnitus and attenuation in the upper frequencies and experience difficulty hearing speech at times. So I am asking for repreats.

The local audi told me he can treat tinnitus and the Resound Pulse will be able add clarity to speech. I assumed it basically amplifies the high end… like turning up the Treble control on the stereo for all your hearing.

I gave the Resounds a 2 week trial and noticed I did hear more highs but not enough of a test drive on speech and I did still ask for repeats so I concluded that the improvement… was simply not worth the money.

If my hearing degrades further… I might give it a try. He said I had the hearing of a 70-75 yrd old. Who knows.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments. I’m going to visit an audiologist and see what he/she recommends.