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hello all

i’m new to h/a’s but not new to hearing problems. brief history, the last 15 yrs have had tubes in both ears due to what they call glue ear. late 2005 left drum broke open from the tube, ended up with a tamnyoplasty/radical mastoidectomy(excuse spelling). late 06 had the reconstruction surgery, ended up with never damage, left ear never came up to normal range unless i have on head phones loud. so two weeks ago the otonurotologist said to get a aid.
my questions are.

  1. anyone else experience this?
  2. whats a good aid for this type of problem?
    3.the dr. said to try open, but talked to the audi on the phone re this and was told ussaly the open do not work with my prob. my appt is 3 weeks from now. i just want to go in well informend.
    anyone with my kinda prob useing open fit? ins. does give me 40% off the cost and a 800.00
    allowance toward a aid/aids if i use newport audiology.
    is this place decent???

i’ll have more questions i’m sure but for now thats all.
thx in advance…walt


get a good mid range instrument

GN - Pixel, plus 5
oticon - Go pro or safran
Phonak - Extra or Una
this are the ones I had experience but there are other good options like
the siemens and widex, you should be able to find good choices on
this instruments!


remember i’m new at this, so why mid range?


because they have some of the fetures from the advance aids with a not so steep cost. I would call this Value … Costs paid vs Benefit received …
If money is no object there are some good choices Phonak verve, Oticon Epoq, Resound Azure, Widex Inteo , etc…
Seek a good and experience audi, this is important!

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thanks that makes sense.
what is the opinions of these aids? rexton targa,
unitron Element 4, Unison 3,
Sonic Innovations Tribute.

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rexton is part of siemens so the hearing aid should be similar to a siemens aid
and Unitron is own by sonova (owns phonak to) so the products should be
very familiar. I like particularily the UNA (phonak) and the Oticon Go pro
As far as the Sonic In… I dont have a beef against them but the company has been lossing money in the past 2 yrs I wonder how long can they survive

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so tell me, what does the sound with a aid sound like? tinny? normal? or? thx


I’ve worn aids for 5+ years from Widex, America Hears, and GN Resound, and they all sounded completely normal, understanding of course that I hear things with them that I can’t without them, speech recognition is improved, and I can understand the dialog on TV shows much better.

hi well i was tested/fitted today by a audiologist.
i took her mid range choice, a moxi 8(power aid). after wearing a
test model for a hour in all kinds of sounds and talking i was sold on it.
i have to say after all the old sayings about aids they are nothing like i’ve heard. it was very clear!
after all of the ins coverage my part was $565.00.
one thing tho i can’t wear a open fit, but it is a crc?
any comments on the moxi 8?



Do remember Unitron is part of the SOnova Group (aka PHonak)
So im not a bit surprise the aids are very good… the cost sounds very very
reasonable to me…

In my practice, almost 80% aids are mid range instruments… Now you can find a good balance between costs and features…

I remember when I started… it was either analog or super expensive digital
and there were only maybe 3 companies …
we have come a long way

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so moxi 8 is decent? what about sweating / getting it wet?
battery life, cleaning it out(wax). i will be getting a global dry ear kit. do i have it balanced with my right ear as in the same hearing leval or higher/lower?
i agree on the price i paid, thank god my ins pays most of it.
thanks so much for the info.

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I’ve been using the Unitron Moxi Indigo for a little while and I have to say I’m very impressed so far. It still requires a few adjustments but so far it has met or exceeded most of my expectations. Wind noise filtering is escpecially good as it filters out just enough to allow you to hear the wind without letting it become a nuisance.

In my limited test period, I’ve averaged more than a week per battery sets. Cleaning is quite straight forward with replaceable wax filters (I have power shells). As for sweating/getting it wet, if perspiration is an issue for you, I would definitely consider the purchase of a dry and store system to protect your investment.

Best of luck with your new aids!

could you tell me what a wax filter is? how long to get the adjustments correct? ive ordered a dry aid.


you can think of a wax filter like a protector for the reciever…
This prevent the receiver from wax built up. The key issue is
transparency, which means that a good solution (wax filter)
would not make any changes in the gain/frequency response of the aids.
I would tend to believe (99% sure) if it is Unitron (aka: develop by phonak)
is completely transparent… A really good thing about the reciver in the canal or receiver in the ear is that the actuall reciever can be easily changeable.
From the service stand point, it is quite posible that if you ever need
a replace of the reciver your audi can do it on the spot…

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where do you get a wax filter?

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They come with the aids. They can be changed by the user with a simple tool provided by the manufacturer.

As for how long it takes to get the adjustments right, I think it depends on each individual situation. If you’re really lucky and your audi is a master in adjusting the aids to your specific needs, maybe as little as one or two visits might do it. Otherwise, it might take a few more tries to get the aids right for you. Audies in this forum will be better able to give you a more detailled response on the in’s and out’s of adjusting aids.

Hope this helped!

yes thanks


I got my element moxi 8 this morning. so far so good.
ive had it on 4 hrs as of now. i seem to be adjusting ok to it. the shell fits very good and i’m use to wearing a bluetooth headset so no problem with the outer ear.
things i do notice are.

  1. some s words have a shh sound.
  2. cough also has that sound.
  3. i was 3 ft out side the truck when my wife started it.
    omg i thought it was going thru the roof so loud.
  4. the wind sound like static in the truck with the windows cracked open.
  5. i had to lower the phone/tv volume by 50%.
  6. tinnitus is still there but not as loud.
    i now understand the wax guard. and vents.
    more to follow, thank you all for the info!


Don’t know about the s words or coughs but I had a similar experience after my first fitting regarding loud sounds. Turns out the loud noise filters were not set high enough in the loud environment program. Audi increased the filter settings and now all is fine, even on a busy street. Same thing for the wind noise, the software has different levels it can be set to.

My advice is to take notes (else you’ll forget if you’re like me) of all the situations where your aids are not up to snuff (wind, loud noises, etc.) and take that info with you when you see your audi again for adjustments.

Just remember that it might take a few visits to your audi to get your new aids adjusted to your particular situation. Plus, you’ll also need some time yourself to get adjusted to your new aids and to hearing sounds you probably hadn’t heard for a long while. My aids sounded a bit loud for the first week and too high-pitched for my taste. But as my brain got used to hearing higher frequencies again that problem pretty much dissapeared after that.

Good luck with your new aids.

Most mid class instrumens do come with datalogging
which record noise levels and other features of your aids…

What you need is an aid with an adaptacion manager or acclimatization manager. The aid is set below the target gain and slowly (sometime automatically) turns it self up depending how many hrs you use…

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